Top 5 Tips for Living with Asthma and Allergies

Most people know a friend or family member that suffers with asthma or allergies and every day we are learning more about common allergy triggers, such as dust mites.

The most important thing is to know your allergies and work out what triggers asthma or allergies in your family. For example, common triggers are dust mites, pollen, mould and pet hair. 

Adam Trumble, from the National Asthma Council Australia, has provided his top easy tips for helping those living with asthma and allergies.

1. Use protection

Try covering your mattresses, quilts and pillows with dust mite resistant encasing. This will help minimise the amount of dust mite allergen.

2. Check how you're doing your laundry

Hot wash your bedding – washes above 55°C will kill dust mites. Or if you wash in cold water use a product containing essential oils such as eucalyptus, which is formulated for washing machines. There are now also household appliances that will make fighting back the allergies easier, like specialised washing machines or steamers. 

3. Dust your home

Using a damp or electrostatic cloth to dust hard surfaces in your home, including the floors, will dramatically reduce the dust in the air while you clean. Always check the ingredients on cleaning product labels and try to buy products that have fewer - or no - harsh chemicals, fragrances or irritating smells. Make sure you use them with good ventilation as well.

4. Vacuum

Be sure to use a good quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and a motorised head to better remove and trap dust mites, dust and other small particles. Ideally, people who are sensitive to those particles should avoid rooms that are being vacuumed or have been vacuumed in the past 20 minutes.

5. Remove mould

Remove any visible mould with bleach or mould reduction cleaner. If you are sensitive to strong odours, wear a mask or get someone else to perform this task for you.

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