Top 5 eco-friendly products for your spring clean

Making your own products can be the most eco-friendly way of cleaning. Consider these five recommendations for a chemical-free house.

Spring is well and truly here. It feels so good to be out of those colder months, where nothing quite dries properly! I don’t know about you, but when spring arrives I really want to clean the house, and feel like I’m starting over fresh and ready for the next phase of the year! It’s thought that the origins of spring cleaning comes from the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of spring. This can be dated back to the 2nd Century!

As some of you might know from previous articles, I make all my own products, and for me this is the most eco-friendly way of cleaning. This isn’t something everyone is into, and I can understand that, so here are some other recommendations for a chemical-free house along with my homemade suggestions.

All of these products I have personally used except for the Enjo cloths, but I‘ve heard a lot of positive feedback about them.

1. Dr Bronner’s 

Dr Bronner is a brand that I hold pretty highly. The Liquid Castile Soap which is made from vegetable oils with no preservatives, detergents or foaming agent, can pretty much be used for anything from face wash to laundry detergent. The list is quite long!

To make an all-purpose cleaner with Liquid Castile Soap, use a spray bottle and fill a quarter with white vinegar, add water to almost the top then squirt in some Castile soap with a few drops of tea tree oil.

Dr Bronner also sell what they call ‘Sal Suds’, which is a hard surface, all-purpose cleaner made from plant based ingredients, natural fir needles and spruce essential oils. Add two tablespoons to 3.5 litres of water and you’ve got a big stock of all-purpose spray. This can be used on floors too. All of Dr Bronner’s products are 100 per cent natural, vegan and biodegradable. They also smell amazing!

2. Method

I love this brand, it’s bright, funky and they don’t take themselves too seriously! When you buy online you can see a table of all the ingredients in each product, what those ingredients are and what they do in layman’s terms. This is very honest and brave, showing us that they’ve got nothing to hide! Each product smells amazing, with some lovely fragrances like grapefruit, ylang ylang, almond, cucumber, ginger yuzu and many more.

The company itself is green, they don’t test on animals, they are very climate conscious - using as much renewable energy as they can, and a large percentage of the US truck fleet uses Biodeisel trucks. They are proactively working towards zero-waste manufacturing, and have recently released a bottle made from ocean plastic waste.

3. Murchison-hume

Well Murchison-hume in my book wins the award for most stylish in this top five. Developed by a mother whose son was allergic to common cleaning products, this brand has taken cleaning to a beautiful place.

99 per cent of ingredients are natural, and the 1 per cent that’s not is a perfume, this apparently stabilises the essential oils used. All products are biodegradable, non-irritants and cruelty-free.

The website is great as there’s a page that has all the ingredients used in every product, and an explanation as to what they actually are and where they come from. This is really good as quite often when you read labels they may as well be written in Latin!

4. Homemade products

I had to put homemade products in here, as they work so well. For me these are number one; I just love how simple they are to make.

Add 5mls of eucalyptus oil to a spray bottle of water and that will do your whole house. I’ve been using this for around three years now and I’m completely happy with the results.

You can also use bicarb soda and vinegar on some of those harder to move stains. Making your own products saves you a lot of money and using natural oils makes the house smell amazing!

5. Enjo 

This cloth brand is becoming more and more popular, and from what I hear it’s a pretty amazing product. Enjo is a type of micro-fibre cloth that you only use water with, no products at all, so there’s no residue left over, not even natural oils.

With just water, Enjo removes 99.9 per cent of bacteria, and is outperforming leading chemical brands. There is a slight downside which is it’s quite expensive to start off with, but each product lasts for years. I’ve heard people say they’re still using the same cloth nine years later! There’s a product for every cleaning job, which is probably a little unnecessary, but that’s the case with most brands on the market these days.

Happy and healthy spring cleaning!

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