Tips to Take and Display Photos

Capture memories with these photography tips and display them around your home in a unique way - they'll be a wonderful and personal addition to your home decor.

Photos capture a moment - whether a family reunion where even your elusive Uncle Albert showed up, the holiday you took to Bali when you were a kid, when your best friend got married or the last Christmas you had before you left home. Photos are memories. Here are some top tips to help you take beautiful photos and some ways you can display them:

Tips to take better photos

Practice makes perfect, as they say. One of the best ways you can increase your skill of both framing and with the technology is to experiment. See what looks good and take note of what you did to create that image. Eventually, your confidence will build and your own style will become more apparent.

If your photos generally feel distant, a step or two closer could make all the difference. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal. Don't waste space, make sure the whole frame is filled with your subject. 

Lighting is a vital part of a good photograph. Even before you lift your camera to take a snap, see where your light source is. Use the light to your advantage. If the light outside is extra bright and creating harsh shadows, you can actually use your flash to balance out your photograph.

If you really want to take better photos, don't go straight for the most expensive camera. It's not about the technology, but how you use it. Instead you could invest in a book or two or take part in a workshop class.

Have your camera at the ready, easily accessible so you can capture some candid moments right when they happen. 

Ways to display your photographs

While framing photos to display around your home is a wonderful way to show them off, why not try something a bit different? There are so many ways that will turn your photographs into delightful decor that will add points of interest to your home. 

Capture memories with these photography tips and display them around your home in a unique way - they'll be a wonderful and personal addition to your home decor.

You could use a few of them to create collaged place mats. When you invite your friends or family over for dinner, conversation will flow when you talk about that holiday you took, the costume party you hosted or that awful haircut you had as a teenager.

You've probably put magnets on your fridge before, but have you thought about turning your photos into magnets? This is an inexpensive, colourful addition to your fridge, and a fun way you can always enjoy memories of time spent with loved ones.

Creating a lovely art piece with your photos could be as simple as scrounging up a vintage frame from a picture or painting you no longer want, some string and pegs. Make sure the string is taut, and pin in into place on the back of the frame. Then, gather together your favourite photos and peg them onto the string - it's as easy as that. 

If you get a bunch of photos printed at the same size, all with a similar colour scheme, it could be easy to create a stunning piece of art for your home. Find a simple, large vertical frame and place the photos at equal distance apart from each other. As a whole, your photos will create a cohesive and colourful addition to your wall, and on closer inspection, you can take a journey through some of your favourite times.

Cut your photos into circles to place in a frame, or triangles to make bunting. A change of shape is a funky twist on photo display and is easy to do.

There are also some fantastic online services now that allow you to turn your Instagram photos into unique works of art - like beautiful poster montages (at and canvases (at 

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