Summer Bedroom Decorating

As the weather heats up one of your main priorities will be a good night's sleep.

Here are Shannon's top five tips to help you convert your bedroom into a cool summer haven.

  1. Undressing the bed
    In the summer months cotton is kind! It's natural, hypoallergenic and a good conductor of heat - in other words, it draws heat away from your skin to keep you cool. 100% cotton sheets are a must - anything less just doesn't compare. Okay so they are a little more tricky to manage as they do crinkle up in the wash but they're absolutely worth it.

    Most nights you'll just need a sheet but if you prefer a bit of weight; a lightweight duvet or cotton throw will do the trick.

  2. Summer colour
    Why change your bedlinen for the season? Well it's all about mood and feeding your senses. It's about creating an uplifting environment rather than a cocooning one and it's about setting yourself free of oppressive covers. Blues and greens are popular choices for summer but they are by no means the only options. It doesn't matter what colour you choose as long as it's pure and light. Muted tones bring you down; bright tones pull you up. It's also a matter of keeping it solid, uplifting and uncomplicated. This means avoiding busy patterns - a simple print will unwind your mental space rather than accelerate it.
  3. Promoting a breeze
    Summer in Australia can be stifling, and a room without airflow can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. A breeze brings oxygen, giving you life and stamina.

    Obviously, cross ventilation is ideal, however not always possible. Ceiling fans are great for circulating air around the whole room but if you don't have one, then portable fans with a rotating head are the go. Wind chimes are also a great way to hear the breeze and will add a relaxed ambience.

  4. Control the light
    Embracing summer means letting the sun wake you. The light gets you up early, giving you more hours in your day. So don't block it out. On the other hand, there are times when a sleep-in is required and window coverings are necessary. Permanent solutions like plantation shutters are ideal however roll up blinds that reduce glare but let through some light are a stylish and beachy option. Transparent curtains do the same thing as blinds, diffusing the light without blocking it out - they're a more laidback option and mean that you can still see the view outside. If you're worried about being woken too early, feel like a movie star and invest in a cool eye mask.
  5. Debugging your bedroom
    There are many fantastic summer sounds - lawn-mowers, the crashing of waves on the beach, the tinkle of chimes and then there's that annoying, piercing sound of a mozzie in your ear just as you are falling asleep.

    So the final summer bedroom tip - debug your room. You could burn citronella oil or a mosquito coil but a mozzie net not only keeps mozzies totally at bay - it also brings style and romance to a bedroom and instantly transforms it into a summer haven.

  6. Equipment and Suppliers

    Moss River
    • Moss River 'Summer Fields' queen size quilt cover - $277.00

    • Moss River 'Summer Fields' European pillowcases (pair) - $90.00

    • Lime Capri Throw - $149.00

    Linen House
    • Linen House Masuda breakfast pillow - $24.95

    Sheridan Australia
    • Sheridan Bianca Ruffle standard pillowcases - $49.95

    • White handheld fan - $89.95

    By Kim
    690 New South Head Rd
    Rose Bay NSW 2029
    T: (02) 9371 4433
    • Egg oil burner - $38.00

    Cinni Design Australia
    • Cinni Chrome Pedestal fan - $499.00

    • Norfolk barbecue - $1,199.00

    No Chintz
    574 Crown Street
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
    T: 9318 2080
    • Fabric for curtains - $14/m x 8m
      Manufacture - $60

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