Tips for Stress Free Spring Cleaning

The annual spring clean can be a huge job and cause much stress in the family home. We spoke to Lisa Sutcliffe, ASKO’s Marketing and Sales Executive, to get her top tips for a stress free spring clean.

Get others involved

Big tasks are always easier with friends by your side! Encourage your friends to come over for a helping hand, returning the favour when they are approaching their next big clean or renovation. Swap tips, share resources, borrow one another’s cleaning products and reward yourself with a cup of tea – or cocktail at the end of it.

Team tip: Split into seperate tasks then meet for a coffee or tea break every few hours. A break can be great motivator and encourage some healthy competition amongst friends to achieve the most.

Revamp the wardrobe

It’s heartbreaking when a favourite item is tarnished by a hard-to-remove stain. Teamed with the right washing machine programme, stains such as mascara, lipstick, tomato sauce from pasta dishes and even beetroot can be removed with some simple pre wash tips! Try pre soaking and using white spirits, salt, soap free laundry and even lemon juice to combat hard to remove stains.

Tip: Take a close look at items you longer wear. It may be a simple sew on a button or good wash will bring them back to good as new!

Remove the clutter

A cluttered wardrobe can create stress in the mornings, especially when time is limited! Often the first place to start is to identify what items you no longer wear, and establish which items could do with a good clean. You may be surprised to see what a good wash and stain removal programme can do to revamp items of your wardrobe!

Another fantastic way to revamp your wardrobe is to donate what you no longer wear to charity. If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t reflect your current style, you haven’t worn it in over two years or duplicates in the same colour - its time to pass it onto a worthy recipient.

Time saver tip: Hang your clothes by colour so it’s easier to get ready in the morning.

Space savers

The annual spring clean is the perfect time to identify areas of the house that are under utilised and could be potentials for renovation or space saving projects. Consider whether your laundry could do with a serious spring clean. Are there items that could benefit from an additional storage system or hidden drawers? Is there space to move items around to re-create a larger look and feel? Incorporating helpful storage solutions such as the ASKO Hidden Helpers Pedestal Drawer and/or Pull Out Shelf can turn an overlooked laundry into an organisational haven!

Tip: Utilise some clever small storage solutions to take your laundry from drab to fab.

Stay focussed

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of a big clean. Write a list of to do’s and stick to it! If time is limited, concentrate on the areas of your home that are seen the most, such as your kitchen and entertaining areas. This is a great way to keep you motivated by the efforts when you can see the results regularly!

Prepare to stay disciplined even when the going gets tough. Results build motivation – once you start you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.

Tip: Give yourself a reward at the end of each major task. A little motivation goes a long way.

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Great tips and ideas i knew some of these things but it often helps to be riminded thank-you