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We hosted a live online chat with Shaynna after an episode of Selling Houses Australia S3. For those who missed it, here is the transcript. Enjoy!

Fiona: Hi Shaynna, how do you know what to invest in when improving your house for sale?
Shaynna: Hi Fiona - the areas to invest are where people want to do the least work. Bathrooms and kitchens are always a good investment

Alexandra: Hi Shaynna, I love everything that you do! My favourite colour is lime green and my fiancee says that there is no way I can work a lime green room - how do you think this can be done?
Shaynna: Depends what room you are looking at. In a bedroom or lounge can be a bit over the top but in a playroom it can work well. You need to tone the lime green with whites and light timbers so it is fresh but not like a lollypop!!!

Melanie: What type of return will I get for doing a new kitchen? I’m planning on doing a DIY kitchen antique white timber benchtops. It’s a country syle home.
Shaynna: It is hard to put in dollar figures - kitchens are always a good area to finish. If people feel they can walk straight in people are less likely to bargain the price.

Melanie: Hi Shaynna I am looking at selling my home and want to paint it first. I was thinking neutrals and whites and maybe a nice choc brown feature wall in lounge. What about bedrooms?
Shaynna: Neutrals are always great but if going for choc wall make sure it suits the whole house. It is best to keep the rest of the house and bedrooms in similar scheme so it doesn’t feel to bold.

Warren: What would the approx. cost to replace the stairs in the house from tonights episode?? Do you think they could have seen a better return if they had replaced them??
Shaynna: That was a big structural issue and would have made a big difference to the house but we needed to spread the money around the whole house and putting anywhere up to 30% in the front stairs wasn’t going to help the overall sale.

Jetaime: Hi Shaynna. We recently started painting our house and, being first time painters, we have had a lot of trouble getting an even sheen, particularly on a dark red coloured feature wall. Your painting work always looks so good - any tips?
Shaynna: You have to make sure you have the wall prepped properly, use good quality rollers and use an even pressure as you are rolling. When having a deep red you might have to put a tinted undercoat down first. It does take practice!!! Good luck!

424826: Shaynna, I have a 1950's post war home that we're currently renovating and I was wondering in your opinion if we should try and stick to that 'style' of renovation, or is there more to be gained from making the inside of the house as modern as we would like? Do you try and keep in with the age of the home or not? Thanks.
Shaynna: All depends on the area you are living and if the house can be period - but also suit modern living. If you are going to stick to the style you have to do a good job of it or it can look a bit like an op-shop.

Anne: Hi Shaynna! Love your work!!! Just wondering what do you think of uniform neutral colour through a whole house (a lighter one as space is a premium)
Shaynna: Thank you!! A uniform colour is a great base but the main thing that doesn’t feel cold and boring. You need to include warm timbers and textures in your furnishings so the house is not in danger of being bland.

KatePad: Hi Shaynna we recently finished building our home and all the walls are the same colour and is really bland do you think its better to add colour with paint or paintings and wall art?
Shaynna: Just said something similar int he last question! - If it feels that boring - have large pieces of art and not small pieces as this will give more impact to the colours.

Blake: hi Shaynna how do you make small rooms get a bigger feel?
Shaynna: Create a very simple colour scheme - meaning only a couple of colours that are lighter and darker of the main colour. Have a large mirror to reflect any natural light and stay away from alot of patterns and knick-knicks. This creates clutter and a 'busy' feeling to the room.

KatePad: Shaynna do you ever come to Brisbane? Or know someone in Brisbane? I know what i like i just can't seem to make it happen it always ends up looking really bad.
Shaynna: Hi Kate I go to Brisbane at this stage -Valiant Hire have consultants for hire furniture so they are a great help in getting your house ready for sale.

Helen: Hi Shayna, I have a federation style home built about 15 years ago. Creamy white walls and unfortunately some pale pink highlinks with a south facing lounge. What colour would you recommend for the walls as a moderniser that might downplay the touches of pink in the tiles, blinds and leadlight?
Shaynna: Sometimes the pink might the light being reflected and the way to counteract is to do the opposite colour which is a green or blue. Try a neutral with a very light blue/grey or green base to help absorb the pink reflected in the walls

424826: Hi, we're currently in the middle of renovating a 1950's post war home and I am wondering in your opinion, should we be renovating the house to suit a 1950?
Shaynna: It depends on your area and if they are held as indicitive and wanted in the area. Most people like a little of the features but prefer to modernise to suit modern living of today.

Joli: Hi Shaynna, I am slowly (and cheaply) trying to renovate a 50's timber house, all walls, ceilings are Masonite. Lots of issues toilet put into laundry with walls splitting timber windows in two - bathroom has a green tin bath which i would love to redo - in your opinion does white knights tile & bath paint work, or would i be better off replacing the bath? Also loungroom is very small with windows on two walls, which at the moment have timber venetians - i love tuscan colours and would love to paint a feature wall, I chose red earth - a rich australian red dirt colour - is this to dark for a small room, i have polished the floors - help every room is in major need of help.
Shaynna: There is a lot to answer here - white knights is great but you need to make sure you do even brush strokes so it doesnt look cheap in finish. Spraying the bath works fantastic. If you have small windows you might look at curtains to let in more light and then it will reflect on the floorboards. Put your earthy colours in your accessories so it doesnt darken the room to much.
Joli: The timber venetians in the lounge room have to go - as i said it is very small 3.5 x 3 metres - furniture placement is a huge problem as there are five of us - I dont buy new furniture - what would you suggest for seating at the moment i have a large yellow leather corner suite (being listed on ebay this weekend) as I want to be able to move freely in the room. Thx Jo
Shaynna: Look at modular furniture you can move into the corners of the room to gain as much space as possible. Look at styles that dont have chunky arm rests as they take up to much room

italia : Hi Shayne I live in Wantirna South, Melbourne and wonder if could help with some information how much interior design help is ? How do you find interior designers ? Love love love your work! Italia
Shaynna: If you go to there is a guide to finding a designer - if you are just after a basic consult you are looking under $500 but if after designs and ongoing help you would need to speak with individual designers to see what they charge.

424893: What colour splashback would suit a white kitchen cupboard doors with a black and white fleck laminate top
Shaynna: Depends if you want to soften it, you need to introduce colour like, greens or greys with texture, and if to remain striking the white will keep it sharp. Hard to know truly a colour to select as I don’t know what the rest of the room looks like…

Anne: Do feature walls make smaller rooms seem smaller?
Shaynna: Not always, if the wall links to other large pieces in the room like the flooring they actually flow together and can create a larger feeling of space.

424893: Hi Shaynna. I want to remove a brick wall between a glass sliding door and a window. The wall is about a 850 wide, whom would I contact first to get a quote, a builder or renovater. Any idea of the rough cost?
Shaynna: A builder would be a great start and they will be able to tell you if you need structural support, what type of beam. You would only then be able to know what sort of costs you are looking at.

424893: Have you seen any homes with tiles painted over? Your thoughts?
Shaynna: We have done makeovers and painted tiles - the spraying comes up brilliant. The technology these days makes it very durable, cost effective and does actually look good!

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