Scrub Your Bathroom Sparkling

Bathroom Facts

1. The bathroom sink is the most contaminated bathroom site.
2. Surprisingly, the bathroom sink harbors more germs than your toilet seat.
3. Keep things such as tooth brushes and hand towels at least three feet from your toilet as bacteria will come in contact with them when you flush your toilet.
4. Ventilating the bathroom by opening the window, especially when taking a bath or shower, will help dissipate moisture.
5. Use Simply Clean labelled and colour-coded products to avoid using the same sponge to clean all bathroom sites for example, the toilet and the sink – common mistakes like this will undo all your hard work!

What you will need:

• Simply Clean Bathroom 4 Pack

• Simply Clean Microfibre 4 Pack

• Your Favourite Cleaning Solution

• Disposable rubber gloves

Your bathroom cleaning should start in the following order:

- Toilet
- Shower and/or bath
- Sink
- Mirrors
- Floor

The Toilet

Protect yourself with a pair of disposable gloves. Apply your favourite toilet cleaner and leave it for a few minutes. Use a Simply Clean Toilet sponge for wiping and scrubbing your toilet. Our sponge has one side for scrubbing and another for wiping.

With our Simply Clean colour coded and labelled Toilet sponge, you can be sure that no one will use your toilet sponge to clean your sink or shower – or kitchen!

Remember to always keep your toilet sponge separate from your other bathroom sponges and replace regularly.

Shower and or/ bathtub

First put away all your shower and bath products: shampoo, conditioners etc.

White vinegar is your best friend when cleaning your shower or bath. You can use a mixture of ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup water or use straight vinegar for stubborn marks. White vinegar is also great for your shower door. Simply dip the abrasive side of the Simply Clean bathroom scourer in white vinegar, for a clean sparkly shower door.

A clever little tip for the shower is to leave the shower door slightly open when not in use to reduce the growth of mildew.

Use Simply Clean bathroom scrubber to remove soap scum from tiles. Rinse well with clear water and wipe dry. Use Simply Clean Glass Cloth to wipe your shower door.

To clean your bathtub, firstly wet the bath and apply your favourite detergent. Use the Simply Clean bathroom scourer to remove soap scum and stubborn marks.

Make sure to test on a small surface first to make sure that it doesn’t scratch your surface.

Rinse well with water and wipe dry.


First start by removing all items from your sink. Spray your favourite cleaning solution on a cloth or sponge and wipe your sink to remove build-up of toothpaste, make-up or any other products. Use the Simply Clean Bathroom scrubber or scourer to remove stubborn marks. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Wipe the sink dry.


It’s time for your mirror. It’s so simple to clean your bathroom mirrors with our Simply Clean Microfibre glass cloth. You don’t even need cleaning chemicals with this clever little cloth. Simply wipe your mirror with dry glass cloth or to remove stubborn marks, simply damp or wet the cloth and wipe. It’s so simple.


Now it’s time for the floor. Use the Simply Clean Bathroom Floor Sponge cloth to wipe up any dirt from the floor. Keep your floor sponges separate to avoid the risk of bacteria.

Tip: you should replace your sponges and cloths every two weeks.

For more information on Simply Clean’s range of products, get to

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These indeed the best tips one can have for there bathroom and it is really a great help in cleaning my bathroom.
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After you shower rinse the shower and dry with old towel. Then you do not have to clean it every week.