Retro Bedroom Decor

When you are searching for a new look for your bedroom decor, there are many different options out there. From formal and sophisticated to whimsical and fun, bedroom designs and decor run the gamut. If you want a look that is fun and bold, but has a sense of timelessness, decorate your bedroom with a retro look. Retro bedroom decor can lift your spirits and put some color back into your life.

The colors that you use in your bedroom decor are the first step to creating a retro bedroom design. If you are old enough to remember the 1960s and 1970s, think back to the prominent colors during that time period. If those days were before your time, but you still like the look of that era, search decorating magazines and watch old television shows to get a feel for the colors that were used. Some of the most popular colors were bold orange, yellow, green, and pink. Pick one or two of those colors and use them to paint the walls of your bedroom. White was also a popular color, so use it freely to help offset the boldness of the other shades.

The fabrics that can be used in a retro bedroom decor are equally as important. Brocades and thicker fabrics were very common in that time period and should be used throughout the room. Faux fur was also popular, so be sure to incorporate it in either the throw rug, blanket or on a throw pillow on the bed. Make ample use of the primary colors of the room’s design in the fabrics that you select. In retro decor, there is really very little that can be considered too much color or too bold a fabric.

Designing a retro bedroom is also all about the accessories. While you might not include a lava lamp in your living room, in your retro bedroom it is the perfect accent piece. Hang beaded curtains from the closet door frame to incorporate that look into the room, as well. If you want to get your lighting and ceiling involved in the retro theme, hang a disco ball from the center of the room. With a small spotlight reflecting off the shiny surface of the disco ball, you will have a retro ready room in no time.

While furniture will be the most costly piece of the design, it should match your retro theme at least somewhat for an authentic look. One great place to shop for retro style furniture for less is at thrift stores. Many times, thrift stores will carry furniture that has been donated from homes that had last seen a makeover during the time period you want to emulate in your bedroom. You may be surprised to find that you can purchase an entire retro bedroom set for far less than even a modern set could be purchased for at a furniture store.

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