Putting Up Christmas Lights

Aussie Christmas Lights will air on The LifeStyle Channel this month and we talk to the Vujevic family about their light display.

Names/ages of family members

Joseph 15 (turns 16 in Dec), Stella 42, Bosco 46, Anastasia 7, Stephan 17

How long have you been lighting your house?

“It’s my 6th year of doing this and I have been doing it since I was about 10.”

Why do you do it?

“When I was four I liked all the Christmas lights I saw and seeing other people’s displays and I asked my Mum if I could start putting my own displays up. Mainly I do it just for fun really.”

How long does it take to put up and take down the lights?

“Usually takes about 3 months to put everything up, mostly weekends and after school but I have to do it in three weeks this year because of the TV show. However it’s not been going so well at the moment because of the rain. Usually it’s just me on my own doing this so it does take time. It will usually take around 3 days to take them all down again.”

Where do you store them all?

“We have a custom made cupboard that is outside where lots of lights are stored, in the roof too, basically any available space!”

Total number of lights/wattage?

“50,000 lights now – mainly 12V and 24V but the rope lights are 240V.”

Total amount spent on lights over the years?
“My Mum has spent around $10,000 and I have bought some with my own money too.”

How many lights do you add each year?

“We started with a pack of icicle lights and rope lights maybe about a 1000 lights in total and then we’ve added 10,000 each year since then. We basically add as many lights as we can get.”

Roughly how much would you spend on new lights annually?

“Around $1000-2000 every year.”

What do the lights add to your energy bill?

“Not much actually. We use a lot of power but apparently the electricity isn’t much more than it would be if we didn’t light the house with Xmas lights.”

How would you describe your lights?

“On the roof at the front of house we have a full nativity scene with rope lights. On the other side of the roof we have rope lights all over the roof and Santa’s sleigh, with reindeers on poles at 45 degree angles so it looks like they are flying off into the air. These are covered with rope lights as well. In the garden I have got lots of LEDs, two LED trees and in another tree I have a got laser which is lasering onto the driveway. On the gutters of the house we have LED icicles too.”

Any special features that set your lights apart?
“Santa’s sleigh taking off is a big feature on the top of the roof but the kids seem to love the laser. Last year we had a massive tree with a star, which looked great but unfortunately the tree has since been cut down!”

Are you part of a lighting street culture, or a one off in your street?

“I think there are two other houses that put up a few fairy lights but I have the biggest display in the street.”

What are the most popular elements of your display?

“The laser is popular with everyone and we have an arch on our driveway which people can walk through which is completely covered with lights and it looks awesome. Most people really like that.”

Your personal favourite light/s?

“My favourites are Santa’s sleigh and the laser.”

Do you think you’re addicted to house lighting?

“It has definitely become an addiction – I don’t really think about it during the year but around Christmas it’s definitely a big thing that is on my mind.”

Any foreseeable end to your house lighting journey, or are you in it for the long haul?

“No idea, not sure. Going to put them up next year but we will have to see after that.”

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