Plants for your Bathroom

In need of some creative bathroom ideas to jazz up your area of relaxation? You don't only have to look at lighting and storage solutions - try adding some plants to this space!

Indoor plants aren't just limited to the kitchen and lounge, you can also bring them into your bathroom, with many plants thriving in the humid conditions.

Here are some of the plants to consider adding to your bathroom.

Spider plants

The best bathroom plants are ideally those that are low maintenance, which make spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) perfect to brighten up your room.

These plants can thrive in a wide range of conditions and can be placed in the corner of your bathroom as a pot plant or hung from the window as a hanging plant.

They don't require much care, just water them with room temperature water daily and trim off any dead leaf tips or leaves.


Bathrooms provide fantastic growing conditions for orchids with these gorgeous blooms suited to low-light rooms.

Place in a small pot and sit on the bathroom sink next to the mirror for a nice touch of colour.

Water your orchids heavily each week during summer, and in winter, water about once a month misting it often to keep it hydrated.


You don't need to fuss too much over aspidistras, making it one of the easiest plants to keep in your bathroom.

These leafy green plants can adapt to different lighting environments, but is best kept in a shady part of your bathroom.

Put your aspidistras in white pots and place into the corners of your bathroom.

Peace Lily

Brighten up and add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom with easy-to-care-for peace lillies.

This natural air purifier gets rid of a carcinogen, VOC benzene, found in polish, paint and furniture wax.

The peace lily thrives in low-light environments and doesn't require a lot of watering. Just make sure to keep the soil slightly moist, or keep misted in drier conditions.

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Posted by Jessica1681Report
Plants for a bathroom is very great idea.
Posted by Petra21Report
The plants in the photo are succulents but they're not mentioned in the list of good plants for the bathroom. Are they appropriate or not??