Non-Toxic New Year's Eve Party for Kids

New Year's Eve is a great time to involve children in planning for and having a party. While the hour of midnight may be a bit too late to celebrate, consider using noon or 8pm to substitute for the stroke of midnight instead. It is fun to plan a party, but it is also important to make sure that the party accessories and food are non-toxic. This year, create a fun, non-toxic New Year's Eve party with your children in mind.

Noise Makers

What better to include in a New Year's Eve celebration than noise makers? Instead of worrying about potentially harmful plastic horns, create your own using things that you have around the house: An empty toilet paper tube, some dried beans, masking tape, ribbon and some wrapping paper leftover from the holidays. Cut two circles, slightly larger than the opening of the toilet paper tube and tape one of them over one end of the tube. Pour about 1/4-cup of dried beans into the toilet paper tube and tape the other circle over the other end of the tube. Cut a rectangle from the wrapping paper that is longer and wider than the tube. Wrap the paper to the tube and tie the ends with ribbon. You have an instant non-toxic noise maker that your children can have fun shaking with no worries about them using things that are potentially harmful.


Have you ever had the metallic glitter confetti in your home? It seems to embed itself into everything and can be found months later under furniture and nestled in rugs. Instead of using metallic glitter confetti that can be dangerous to children and pets if swallowed, use a hole punch and create your own confetti. Using leftover wrapping paper from Christmas presents, punch small holes using a puncher. To make sure that you keep all of the confetti together, punch the holes over a baking dish. For added variety, use a shape puncher instead of just a circular punch.

Party Hats

Making your own party hats not only ensures that they are non-toxic, but it is also an eco-friendly option if you use materials that you already own. Form cone shape hats from cardboard or heavy card stock. Have children decorate the hats before you fasten them together, or once they are already made. Use yarn to create pompoms that can be attached to the top of the cones for decoration. If you need to make loops to keep them on your children's head, use extra pieces of yarn, punch a whole on opposite sides of the cone's base and tie them to it. You can then tie the string below your child's chin.

Creating non-toxic accessories for your New Year's Party is a great alternative to using store bought items that may or may not be harmful. Not only will your kids be safer with homemade items, but they will also enjoy making them. A morning spent crafting is a fun way to bond with your children and ring in the New Year with happy cheers and giggles.

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