Make Your Own Laundry Powder & Softener

Learn how to make your own laundry powder and softener with everyday household items.

When I became a mummy of twins (they’re now 15 months) I quickly became aware of how much my washing load went up, so in effect the amount of washing detergent and softener I was buying went up too.

In today’s economic climate saving even a small amount of money is worth the effort (not that there is much effort required), and when that results in saving a little bit of the planet – even better!

Here I show you how you can make your own laundry powder and softener at home in a few quick and simple steps:

Laundry Powder:

What you will need for the Laundry powder – Borax (it’s a mineral that’s used a lot in cleaning and can be found in large supermarkets), Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Dr Bronner’s soap, A large bucket or Esky, an airtight container, food processor or grater.

Most of the ingredients you’ll be able to find in your local Supermarket but if not it’s easy to find online. The soap I’m using is a Natural, Vegan, no nasties soap but I’m sure it would work just as well with any soap you like the smell of.


1. Grate the soap bar - I used the grater in my food processor as it's much quicker, and then put the grated soap in with the regular 'S' blade and whizz it again so it's in smaller pieces, this helps it dissolve better in the wash, however you can use a hand grater, if your going to do that I’d use the fine side.

2. I'd recommend doing this next bit outside. Mix everything together in a large bucket or Esky.

3. Then store it in an airtight container – DONE!

Oh and one last thing, you only need 1 tablespoon per wash.

Fabric Softener:

For the Fabric Softener it's EVEN easier, it would take you longer to make a cup of tea!

What you will need – White vinegar, Fresh herbs of your choice, Essential oil of your choice, A 16oz sealable glass bottle.


1. Pour vinegar into glass bottle.

2. Add a bunch of your favourite herbs - I used Lavender.

3. Add 10/12 drops of your favourite essential oil - again I used Lavender.

4. DONE!

All you need is 1/4 of a cup per wash.

What you saved:

Homemade powder: 5460g of powder = 273 washes (20g per wash). Cost of materials is $42.80 divided by 273 washes = 16c per wash.

Cheap brand of powder (Surf): 250g = 5.5 washes. $2 divided by 5.5 washes = 36c per wash. To do 273 washes you'd have to spend $100 on 50 boxes of Surf.
So using the homemade powder would save $57.20

And one final massive plus point apart from - smelling amazing, leaving clothes soft, gentle on your kids, saving the planet........It's cost you next to nothing!

By Katie Butterworth

For more on Katie, visit her website and follow her on Facebook here

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Posted by Megan1365Report
Can this be used in a front loader?
Posted by Denise441Report
An easier tip is to use 1/4 of your normal washing liquid and use 2 tablespoons of Bi-Carb Soda (Baking Soda) - its also easier on the clothes.