Life, Love and All Things Design with Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze is a force to be reckoned with. We uncovered the real Shaynna in the new podcast Can’t Live Without with host Melinda Buttle.

With her distinguishable, wicked laugh and coveted design skills, Shaynna Blaze has become a household name across Australia. Opening up to Mel about all the things she can’t live without and her new show Deadline Design, the interior queen revealed a few interesting facts about herself - while giving sound advice along the way, of course!

Here are a few takeouts from Shaynna Blaze’s episode of Can’t Live Without.

She’s notebook mad

Organised is an understatement when describing Shaynna, who prides herself on an extensive collection of notebooks. “I’ve got dozens of them," she told Mel. "I have a notebook for business, a notebook for notes, a notebook for ramblings, a notebook for the second job. There’s always one in my bag.”

Finding your personal style is simple

“Your personal style is you as a person and how you live," Shaynna said. 

“In the lounge room, do you want that room to be a socialising room or a relaxing room? Do you want it to energise you? Or if you’re so sick of being energised, do you want to come home and just disappear? So, that’s where you begin your personal style because it’s about how you feel and how you want it to feel."

Love is all you need

Like any hard-working mother, wife and friend, Shaynna confessed that she simply can’t live without love. “Whether you’ve got a dollar in your pocket or things are going really bad, if you’ve got that love around you, it can always lift you in some sort of way.”

She loves a good stickybeak

“A closed cupboard tells you a lot about a person," Shaynna insists. "There are a few things a designer can tell you: what’s behind a cupboard is who they are as well. It’s not just what’s overt but what’s internal as well.”

Black is best 

As a seasonal person, Shaynna’s unbiased toward colours, but when it comes to her profession, she’ll opt for black every time.

“It’s my neutral base. Black becomes that classic you can build anything on when you want to show your personality, but it gives you that great base that people can’t read you because [as a designer] I want it to be about them.”

Subscribe to Can't Live Without on iTunes or listen to Shaynna Blaze's episode on Omny. But be warned - you’ll never sing Florence and the Machine’s song Say My Name the same way again.

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