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Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan from Selling Houses Australia answers all your questions about the show and more in a live web chat. If you missed it, here is the transcript!

Cristy: Can you paint straight onto the timber wall boards in the house or do you have to sand them back. Also do you need an undercoat or just 2 coats of the colour you choose?

(referencing to the bunk bed room you painted a blue-ish colour) Great makeover! Ensuite was my favourite.

Shaynna: Thanks Cristy! You need to give it a good sand and as we were doing a dark colour we didn’t need an undercoat. If you were doing a lighter colour I would do an undercoat. And yes, two coats for both!

Mleade@Gmail.Com: Can you tell me where you got the shower rose you used in the ensuite in tonights episode?

Shaynna: From Caroma, very sleek and stunning!

Melissa: Hi Shaynna, we have horrible concrete walls that we need to paint. They are the rough type. Any idea how we can minimise their ugliness! We are renovating to sell so we can buy our forever house!

Shaynna: Depending on the style of the house you have alot of options - textured wallpaper will add warmth (and of course texture), paint, but use a matt finish so it will limit the coldness of the wall, and you could also line it with plasterboard and paint - choices are endless!

Derek71: Hi did the house end up selling?

Shaynna: No ;( do you want to buy it?

Keryn5: Hi Shaynna, firstly I love the show and the difference you make.

Shaynna: Thanks Keryn has been challenging for sure!

Czardas: Hi, loved the blinds, they looked great. Can you please tell me what they are called?

Shaynna: They are panel glides and we got them from - stunning!!!!

Janene4: Hello Shaynna, I am in desperate need of a good design plan for my bathroom

Shaynna: Hi Janene - go to and got to - find a designer - to help you with your design. Good luck!

Carla: Hey Shaynna, were you really happy with that green colour in the spare room?

Shaynna: I was actually - no green is not everyones taste, but it soaked up the harsh sun and gave a link to that gorgeous view across the river.

markus: Hey Shaynna! Love the show and what you all do! You and the team should come to tasse to sell a place one day :)

Janene4: Thank you Shaynna :)

Melissa: Cheers, we watch the show every week and love what you do.

Derek71: I always love what you do to the houses makes such a difference also loved what you did in next weeks show - I am their next door neighbour :)

Bryce: Shaynna, what is the best way to get a builder to acutally turn up to do a quote and not rip you off?

Shaynna: Word of mouth & recommendations is always the best way. Start asking around, even drop into sites that you see going on in your area. Keep an eye on it and see how quick it goes up and how often the builders are there. You might even see the owner on site and ask if they are happy with the job.

Keryn5: I am stuck for ideas on how best to use colour on walls and then put in the right furnutire to make a small 2 bedroom unit look great. Is it something I should just get a professional in to help put me on the right track?

Shaynna: Abosolutley! Colour puts fear in so many people and I think the colour consultants at Taubmans charge $150? That is not much money to spend to get it right. Highly recommended!

Bryce: Is it the first place that didn’t sell in the series Shaynna?

Shaynna: Hi Bryce - why yes I think it is?

Damian19: Hi Shaynna... Where did valiant buy the outdoor table from?

Shaynna: I really don’t know - they have a group of buyers. You could contact the Sydney store (where it was from) and see if they have them for sale. They turn over their stock quite quickly!

Jacklyn: I am in the final stages of planning my kitchen and I'm stuck with the choice of bench top and floor tiles. I have choosen a dark slick brown colour for the kitchen cabinets to be the feature, so should I match my bench top to my floor tiles in a light sandstone?

Shaynna: Your are better off matching the colour to the cabinets above as matching the floor to the bench top is a little like matching 'shoes and belt'! It can actually make it feel a little squashed with that dark colour in between.

Vicki: You probably hear this all the time, you make it look so damn easy, but I give it my best shot and know that I can always undo what I have done LOL

Sara: Shaynna, I have some very unattractive tiles in my laundry and I was wondering if it would be possible to paint them?

Shaynna: Highly recommend for the spray tiling - it is a great finish and they have a guarantee for around 10yrs (I think!)

delilahblue: I'd be doing a HAPPY DANCE if it was me! Classy elegant What a transformation!

Damian19: Thanks...

omp: So glad you came to OZ the hawksburry river is wonderful...I grew up in Wahroonga

Bryce: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Shaynna!

Ada2: Hi Shaynna, great show…

Carla: No disrespect and yes maybe the colour wasn't to my liking. I love your ideas and the show. I quite often bump into Andrew and maybe it’s my time to ask for an extreme makeover. I have zero budget though ;)

Janene4: Our bathroom is small and currently has a shower in the bath. I slipped and fractured my spine and would dearly love to be able to fit a separate shower and bath in the room.

Shaynna: That sounds terrible! It all depends if you have the room and that is where a designer can help you with the best possible design.

Zoran: Shame that the vendor never had the pool operating. Would of been fantastic to see.

delilahblue: We don't want to sell, we want you come here flash up our home!

Lily33: Hi Shaynna, my mum and I love the show, we just saw it and think you are the real star, go girl!

sue: Does anyone make a skylight (tube style) that has a blind or can be shut?

Shaynna: I haven’t seen one for tube style - you could try victory blinds as I know they do them for other skylights so maybe they can help you.

Lebe2316: Hi Shaynna.. just wanted to say I love what you do with each property. My husband and I are renovating at the moment and have taken your advice on many things and so far we couldn’t be happier! Just wanted to say thank you

Janene4: We all absolutely love watching Selling Houses, never miss it.

omp: Would you like to do my mums place in Gympie Queensland please please please xxx

leokat: Hi Shaynna well done once again tonight fab makeover. We live in an apartment that has popcorn ceiling and want to remove it or put a false ceiling over the top. Suggestion please I hate it so much.

Shaynna: Thank you so much! Popcorn? Sounds like fun at movie time! It all depends what it is made from if you can take it away (do you know if it is asbestos?) If it is to dangerous to remove you can line under with plasterboard but no fixing into the board - I highly recommend gettting a builder out to inspect it first.

Julia62: Do you recommend sanding floors in bedrooms or carpeting? Thinking fibro house, cypress pine floors here.

Shaynna: For one I hate going over floorboards so love to keep them as much as possible - big rugs under the bed or medium rugs on both sides of the bed (so you have toasty feet gettting out) is a great way to go. As the house is fibro - if it has heating issues I would go for carpet.

sue: Thankyou so much Shaynna couldn't get the heads up from anyone. Keep up the excellent show.

Rebekah11: Hi there the water damage repairs on the Berowra property how much did that cost to repair - we are looking at buying a house and similar water damage?

Shaynna: I don’t have that individual price - there should be something on the fact sheet for this episode for who did it/ supplied and then you could get a price from them.

tanya: I am starting an interior design course, fancied a change from nursing.....where is the best place to get hire furniture from in the Melbourne area?

Shaynna: We use Valiant hire on the show - I have to say I love the variety of styles they have and make it easy not to make a house look generic. They are near the Docklands.
Zoran: Hi Shaynna - love the show - why wasn't the deck stained on tonights show?

Shaynna: Charlie stained the front part that he built but it didnt show it - we had constant rain and hindered alot of outside work in our short time frame.

Caroline: Ps. My favorite show is Selling Houses.... Never miss it

Vikki21: What was the name of the green colour?

Shaynna: Taubmans, Tennyson. It is a strong colour so recommend a test pot first!

Czardas: Was it onlineblinds or blindsonline ?

Shaynna: Blinds Online

delilahblue: Do you travel with a group of tradies or are they local folks for each diffferent home?

Shaynna: We try to use local suppliers as much as we can.

Neil13: Hi Shaynna, love the show. Any thoughts on black or white as a colour for bifold doors and window frames for a renovated edwardian with charcoal fretwork and trim and white boards?

Shaynna: Hi Neil - that is a tricky one without seeing it as there are two issues - black could look harsh but if you have a view from that room the charcoal will make the lines of the doors 'disappear' making the focus on the view and not the doors. If you do go for charcoal make sure you have charcoal in accessories/artwork so there is a link somewhere inside.

Kelly: Hi, we're just finishing renovations and have absolutely no artwork or pictures up on the wall, the main wall is 6 m wide painted in Hogsbristle would you put one picture up or lots of little ones?

Shaynna: I would possibly do a Tryptich (3 panels) as 6 metres is a large expanse. One large artwork would be almost 3 times the price of the panels.

tanya: thank you ;o) x

Alli: Hi Shaynna. My husband and I love what you do every week! It makes such an amazing difference. We built our house a year ago and all the walls are just off white. I'm looking to paint a feature wall in my open plan lounge room and not sure what colour to go with. The floorboards are maghony red and the other colours in the room are charcoal/grey, black and terracotta. Am tossing up between a burgandy and a mushroom grey but am worried the burgandy might be to overpowering. Any suggestions?

Shaynna: Hi Allias the floor is already mahogany the burgundy will be pretty 'in your face' so I would be cautious on that. You would be good going for a light charcoal as there already is enough of the warm colours of terracotta and mahogany. By going for a soft grey/charcoal it will make the reds rich and dramatic.

Cristy: Where is the best place to buy modern wallpaper online? (Australia)

Shaynna: Hi Cristy, I don’t actually buy any online but put a question on my chatline and will have a think and get back to you!

Neil13: Thanks Shaynna, the view is out into the garden so will give it a go. Keep up the magic colour tips on the show!

jacqueline: Shaynna, we are currently about to start cleaning + renovating my parents family home so that they can sell it. Problem is where they are they have lived for 30+ years. We will have a go at applying for SHA to come and help but my question is could you recommend anyone who is able to offer a similar style of expertise in the Sydney area. Thx. Can't help but also add in a note of awe at the work you do. Amazing.

Shaynna: Hi Jacqueline - thank you so much! I know Valiant Hire have consultants and you could also try and find a decorator. There are alot of stylists out there but this is a good place to start!

Heidi20: Hi Shaynna, I want to incorporate a feature wall in my living room but having trouble deciding on a colour. Any advice? Also, is it advisable to have professionals do the job or will I be able to manage the job myself?

Shaynna: Hi! I would get a colour consultant in as i dont know the look or feel of the room so pretty hard to randomly select a feature colour for you. One wall - why not give it a go! Just make sure you prep it with a light sand and fill any holes. Will be fun!

sue: Hi Shaynna… Know you're busy… Do you know who does skylights that close? Stuck with an internal room that needs light but is also movie room. No way to have Velux.
Shaynna: Do you mean like a window in the roor? I know Stegbar do one on a hinge system to give ventilation.

Yuvaraj: Hi Shayanna, I am currently renovating my house as its been taken off the market twice. This is my first project and spending 20K for paniting, new kitchen, decking fencing in the backyard and rental furniture. Can you please suugest me some good rental furniture company in Melourne. I am ready to spend $3000 for a 3 bedroom plus 1 studio room behind garage

Shaynna: Hi Yuvaraj highly recommend Valiant, Docklands Melbourne. Great variety and have consultants to help you if you need it. Good luck!

Vikki21: When decorating a lounge room, how many colours should you stick with? 2, 3 or 4?

Shaynna: I hope you are not talking about paint colours! I always start with 3 base colours, be it floor, walls, couch and window treatments and then add your accessories after that. Easy to take colour away on the accessories ( if it is to much).

connor12: I have just put in a new kitchen. Dulux white on white with black cesar stone and red glass splash back. I have wooden floors and white walls every where. What colour would you recommend for the walls I need to change the white?

Shaynna: I don’t have a paint chart in front of me but as you have a black top and red splashback I would go for a grey tinted white. It will give the rest of the room a little depth to match the strong colours of the kitchen.

Sarah: Hi Shaynna, I love the cushions you use every week! Can you tell me a store or online shop that I could get some that are similar? By the way I love the work you do every week!

Shaynna: Hi Sarah! Thanks! Aura has a good online store and so does linen and more - make sure you add texture as well as colour to get the best look!

Alli: Love the show!! Just wondering how long you get to transform each property?

Shaynna: Hi Alli, we get one look at it for 2 hours and then some planning time and then onsite for 3 days. It really is extreme !!!

delilahblue: Andrew had a really bright shirt on tonight!

jacqueline: Shaynna, can you put some sort of floor boards floating or otherwise straight onto tiles. We have 2 areas of tiling from the 80's and as they were laid on an elevated area there are cracks in some of the tiles. Large area so too xxy to retile. Any suggestions appreciated. Thx

Shaynna: Sure can! You can to make sure the tiles are even and no broken wonky ones as this will affect the final finish. As the tiles are cold I recommend putting black plastic first to counteract any moisture (like we did in North Rocks ep)

Ada2: How do you get on the show?

Shaynna: Hi Ada, you can apply at this link

Zoran: Is it still wise to have feature walls these days in living rooms?

Shaynna: This in the end can be a personal choice but it will date. I like to do one colour and if you want a feautre colour either have one that is twice or three times the strength of the base colour. Or do what I call a wrap and do two adjoining walls.

Yvonne68: Shaynna do you have a facebook page?

Shaynna: The LifeStyle Channel does and you can catch up on Selling Houses Australia news there.

Yvonne68: Oh, yes I think it is this one::

Caroline: We desperately want to put floor boards in our new build home a cottage style home what is the cheapest way to do it as we are thinking of reclaimed?

Shaynna: Sometimes reclaimed can end up more expensive as it may have to be re-milled, have a lot of nails in it and inconsistent grain, so just be aware of the labour costs. Look for auction houses that are selling timber lots - can pick up some bargains.

tanya: I would love to be a spectator or a helper in one of the shows… how could I do this? Would give me a good idea of what goes on ;o)

Shaynna: Email us at

tanya: I would love to be a spectator or a helper in one of the could I do this? Would give me a good idea of what goes on ;o)

Shaynna: Hi Tanya, wow - there is hardly enough room for us! Maybe you should suggest to the lifestyle channel to do a 'behind the scenes' episode - that would be fun!
delilahblue: I'm with you Tanya!!!!

jenny: Shaynna, just love your style… would like to know to do you do private consultancy other than the show.

Shaynna: Hi Jenny, thank you! Yes I have my own business blankcanvas interiors - we are pretty flat out but go to my facebook page and join and always putting out hints and when we are available - thanks again!

Caroline: Behind the scenes great idea!

Nean2: Hi we have had our house on the market for almost two yrs now with absolutely no offers at all. We have tried painting and redecorating decluttering etc.. but am wondering how important is it to have new carpet?

Shaynna: If it is two years I would say there are more issues than just the carpet - have you had feedback from your real estate agent? Or you could apply for the new series - they just put a call out tonight for new houses.

Trevvytomato: Hey Shaynna, could you tell me the place in sydney where you and Charlie scored the new kitchens? Love your work by the way would love you to critique like the North Rocks project our place is also has power lines over head but better than that we have it in the front yard, we call it the garden feature. Would love you and Charlie to check it out. Talk soon trevvy :-)

Shaynna: Hi Trevvy - it was actually in Melbourne and we havent been able to source one similar in Sydney :( Oh power lines - dear. Have you had the levels checked out? They are a real eyesore!

delilahblue: A day in the life of Shaynna! You will need more than 1 hour for that one!

delilahblue: I think you are the Joyce Meyer of Home Decorating!

Jo: Hi, have timber walls which I would love to paint but also have timber high ceilings do I do both, would rather not but would it look odd?

Shaynna: Hi Joas you have high ceilings you can leave that timber and paint the walls. That way you are still letting light in the room and making a feature of the ceilings
Yvonne68: Shaynna, we have original slate floors in our 60's home. They are dark and bumpy and I dream of the day when I have clean smooth timber floors. Should I hold off, because these are retro fashioable or...?

Shaynna: Hi YvonneI think your comfort and how you want the place to look is better than it being retro. Unless the slate is the ulitmate feature - I would go over them (I have stubbed my toes so many time on the bumps in slate!)

Lebe2316: Is there anyway to make dark 70's brown brick with dark grey mortar any lighter, regrouting maybe?? Would love to achieve that warehouse/loft look. Otherwise do you suggest just painting all of it or plastering over it??

Shaynna: You could regrout - it is called repointing and is a huge job. Do you love the brick? Are they amazing? Sometimes doing the grout will only make them stand out more. If your goal is to create more light, plastering over is going to achieve that.

Janene4: One more question for you Shaynna. How do you repair cracked granite kitchen bench tops?

Shaynna: You need to contact a stone mason to see if they can fill and buff the top. It is pretty hard to repair one well, sorry!

jenny: Also, who do u recommend for re colouring poly kitchen ?

Shaynna: We use on the show and I honestly haven’t seen another company that does a better finish - I am still blown away by it.

Bryce: Final question, what colour should we paint our plain concrete driveway when our house is a light grey colour with a dark grey roof?

Shaynna: You would be best to go for a colour in between - you don’t want it as dark as the roof as it will visually squash the house but to light and it will be constantly dirty.
Ada2: Do you think kitchen doors look better gloss or matt in dark laminate colours such as wenge?

Shaynna: Hmmm depends on the look you are creating. High gloss will give you a very modern look and every finger mark will show. If you have young kids and want low maintenance I would go for a medium sheen as very matt finish can show finger marks just as bad.

Bryce: Are the reno prices you quote (ie $30000 for tonighe episode) including labour?

Shaynna: Our fees and labour are not included in the show - we have a team of a couple of builders and then we pay for the all the local labour. It is about achieving with you doing work as well and not using the professionals for everything.

Rebekah11: Hi Shaynna, any idea how much the water damage cost to repair on the berowra property - one seen recently has similar damage - we want to buy.

Shaynna: I am so sorry - but I dont have the break down of the costs - you would be best to get a quote.

Lebe2316: Thanks shayna :)

jackmacbeam: Hey Shaynna , love the show, in a small house is it better to have 1 colour with no feature walls and same throughout.

Shaynna: A small house I would def not do the feature walls and concentrate on good quality flooring and a bit of colour there and inject the 'fun' with artwork and rugs.

Zoran: What are some good colours for French provincial interior walls?

Shaynna: Hi Zoran, the soft tinted grey/blue (not baby blue is always amazing) with beautiful white trims - you can do varying shades of that one colour (lighter/darker) depending on the room.

Alli: Hi Shaynna! Love Selling houses! I am looking to paint a few feature walls including one behind our bed but we have a white airconditioner directly above the bed. Should I avoid this wall and paint a different wall instead?

Shaynna: Hi Alli, thank you! The idea is not to make a feature of the aircon so I would leave the wall and aircon the same colour and put more colour in another part of the room so the eye is drawn there as the feature

Caroline: Loving this chat idea....

Shaynna: Thanks for all your questions, everyone. Sorry I couldn't get to them all but jump online to my blog on the LifeStyle Channel website and I'll get back to you. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Visit the Selling Houses Australia Extreme show page.

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Posted by Leigh244Report
Hi, my daughter is painting her room and she wants a teal feature wall and we were wondering what kind of white to use on the other walls?
Posted by Barbra3Report
I am investigating renovating our bathroom in a 1960 built house. The walls are covered in tilex - a fibro wall paneling. Can this be painted rather than removed OR can it be tiled over?
Posted by SonyaReport
I would like to change/ redo my kitchen benchtops. they are laminated and are scratched. I have seen on your show that you can professionally spray them. what is this process and who does this in Newcastle NSW? Sonya
Posted by CherylReport
I would like to repaint the cream external walls or our house in a different colour but have no idea as to what colour. The roof and gutters are black the window frames and roller doors are cream. Can you suggest a colour or are we stuck with the cream that my husband hates? Cheryl
Posted by Report
Hi Shaynna love the show, all of you are fabulous. In quite a few episodes you use a green/grey colour which is stunning could you please let me know the name of it and who makes it. Many Thanks
Posted by Denise227Report
Hi Shaynna, Just love what you do.

In one of the make overs you installed a black

and white Damask looking Roman Blind.

Can you please let me know where you purchused it.

Thanks, Denise
Posted by Monique111Report
Hi Shaynna,
what are your thoughts on wood-look vinyl tiles? We are considering them for our 1960s 2-story kit home in Caloundra. We are concerned laminate could ruin easily due to wet feet coming in from the pool and also that it could be noisy in a 2 story home. Current flooring is tiles however it gives the ground floor a converted garage feel. We are trying to create a modern beach house effect, similar to your Port Douglas renovation.
Many thanks,
Posted by Report

We have a rental property that needs the bathroom brightening up. I have seen in the show that you can respray tiles and baths can you tell me what company you use and approximate cost. Thanks
Posted by Shelby11Report
Hi sshayna can you tell mr what color you used in tonights sho the house at yeronga I'm back I'm beautiful pleas.
Posted by Shelby11Report
Found it! Just read a response from someone else looking for colors. Love the show!
Sorry I spelt your name to iPad technology and NO glasses!!!!