'I've fought for the past six years' Shaynna Blaze opens up on her health battle

The Selling Houses Australia designer reveals how she's been fighting to stay healthy.  

She may have one of the busiest schedules but Shaynna Blaze isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

The designer continues her blossoming career in Selling Houses Australia, which is now celebrating its 13th season, but Shaynna reveals that all her hard work has come at a cost. 

"I have fought for my health for the past five to six years because of travel with the show," she says.

Last year she revealed that she had been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in an honest interview after months of visits to doctors.

But now in her mid-50s, the designer says she is fighting back thanks to a spotlessly clean diet, which she reveals is her secret to always staying one step ahead.

"I've had a strong foundation of health and wellbeing from my early teens," she reveals. "I stopped eating meat when I was 18, I gave up sugar and gluten when I was 24 so I think that type of lifestyle from a young age really paved the way," she explains



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"It wasn't until I moved out of home and started cooking for myself when I discovered all these beautiful, healthy choices," Shaynna continues.

"There wasn't really many healthy choices growing up - everything was based on sugar. So my palate really changed."

Her passion for health and wellbeing only flourished when she had her two children.

"I didn't want my kids to grow up on sugar so that was a real conscious effort," she says. "They didn't have sugar in their life at all, they didn't even know what takeaway food was!

"They were the kids who no one wanted to swap their lunch with. No one really cared about sultanas and carrot sticks and that sort of thing!"

While it may sound extreme for some, Shaynna reveals that it was the motivation of being a young mum that drove her passion for giving her children the best start in life. 

"I had my daughter when I was 24 and my son when I was 26," she explains. "By the time I was 30 I had a mortgage and two kids.

"I just wanted to give them the tools. If they take it, they take it. You just give them the best start that you can."



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Shaynna's infectious energy and zest for life is what's made her one of Foxtel's famous faces, but her trick is less exclusive as we think. The secret? A meticulous diet. 

"I always have a really light and healthy breakfast," she reveals. "I have my celery juice and I have my ginger, tumeric and lemon shot, so that's all about immune system and your anti inflammatories.

"That's something that I've noticed in the past five years, that inflammation has been a big block for me.

"Then I make myself a green shake which makes me pretty full up until 2pm. After that I tend to have a snack for lunch, which could be a soup, a salad and I eat lots of macadamia nuts and avocado for their rich oils.

"In the evenings it could be seafood, roasted vegetables or curries."

But she's not relying on adding any extra flavours...

"I don't have rice and I don't have pasta. Neither do I use any sauces on anything because all sauces have sugar in them. Once you take sugar out of your diet you'll realise that you can taste food a lot better.

"I sound like a boring fart!"

While she is strict with her diet, the designer admits she also has her weaknesses: 

"Oh hot chips, any day! I don't eat any sugar, I don't have any dairy because I'm allergic to it and I stay away from gluten, so hot chips is my weakness that I can have. If it's a really cold week I could have it up to three times a week!"

It's no wonder that with her natural food intake she looks as youthful as she does - which she also puts down to her secret beauty ingredient - celery!



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"I've introduced celery juice for the past 14 months of my life, and that's a big thing for your skin," she says. 

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But vegetables aside, she also has some fail-safe tips that apply to more of a general audience:

"It's very easy to forget to take your makeup off, but I always made sure to cleanse and moisturise," Shaynna details.

"I also invest in having really good facials. I wish I had them earlier, I probably had my first facial in my late 40s! But I realised that going to a really good beautician and getting advice on the skincare that you should use for your type of skin is beneficial.

"Also as you get older, serums are really good. But it's worth changing your skincare routine because you're getting older and your skin is changing. I keep updated with what modern technologies are bringing out."

Skincare and diet aside, the designer has the final secret elixir: 

"It's really important to think young.

"I used to sing in bands, I've always loved to entertain and dance.

"If you're telling yourself you're getting old then you're going to get old. But if you tell yourself that age is no barrier and I can do what I like, a young, mental attitude is just as important as working out and looking after yourself health wise."

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