The item that will transform your home this winter

Who knew that this humble item could make such a difference?

Introducing a rug to your home this winter could completely transform your space - for the better. 

Rugs are like trusted and loyal friends; dependable no matter how much you walk all over them; providing endless comfort and adding colour to your life.

Temple & Webster stylist, Allira Bell says that with a few handy hints and tricks, you can make your house feel like a home and even anchor furniture in a room. 

"Pretty as artwork and durable underfoot, they minimise household noise and help to pull your interior look together," she says.

Look at the layout

While it's true that the correct rug positioning can help you designate zones in your home, Allira says that your furniture should also be taken into consideration. 

"Consider your living room - the easiest and most popular way to approach rug layout in this space is the anchoring set up where the rug anchors the furniture, with sofa front legs on the rug for a more casual feel," she says. "For those with more space, the floating scenario calls for all furniture to sit within the rug in its entirety."

When it comes to your bedroom, Allira says that the most common spot for your rug is under the foot of the bed to balance your headboard. However, she suggests placing your rug under the top half of your bed, with the bedside tables sitting on the rug as well.

Size does matter

"An overly large rug too close to the edges of the walls will suffocate the room and an overly small rug showing too much of the flooring underneath will make the room feel bare," Allira explains. "An easy way to figure out your desired size is to simply place masking tape on the ground where you feel the rug border should be – then step back and assess."

Material world

There are many options when it comes to selecting what material you want, but Allira suggests choosing one with a thicker pile to help insulate your home as it gets colder. 

"Wool or woollen blends are the premier choice - being stain resistant, highly insulative and super soft underfoot with a springy composition," she tells. "But if the tendency of woollen rugs to sometimes shed fibres, there are many tactile synthetic blends available which are just as durable and often more affordable."

Colourful options

Rugs are often used as a simple decorating tool as they can be changed with minimal fuss, so why not get experimental with some colours and patterns?

"With the range of available styles on offer, you can keep it quite neutral underfoot or choose something bolder to really make a statement," Allira says. "Make your rooms feel grounded and cosy by choosing on trend winter hues like burgundy or rich mustard. Navy is always popular because it’s a versatile colour that can work within a range of decorating schemes."

Layer up

If you want your space to feel comfortable and plush, Allira suggests layering your space with multiple rugs. 

"For a layered look that feels more organic, choose rugs with a thin pile and play with the positioning to create a patchwork effect – cowhide or rounds rugs are great options that break up the straight lines of rectangular rugs to add an organic feel," she advises. "If you have fallen for a rug that is just a little too small, never fear – just place it in the middle of a larger rug to extend the footprint."

When layering rugs, Allira says to avoid anything with a thick pile as it may become a trip hazard.

"If you are brave enough to experiment with different colours or patterns, make sure there is some thread of consistency between them to create a cohesive pairing," she adds. 

For more inspiration, check out Temple & Webster’s extensive range of rugs.

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