How To: Mix & Match Furniture

Using mix and match can be a great way to inject personality and life into a room, it can also be the cause of major decorating-induced headaches. Learn the secrets from the experts!

According to homewares stylists Betty Wong and Lucy Wolstenholme of MyHouse, it’s not as hard as you think.

Here are Betty and Lucy’s expert tips for masting the art of mix and match:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Before you begin, remember this: mix and match interior styling is all about trial and error. If it’s the first time you’ve considered playing around with your interiors, whether it’s the scale and geometry of patterns or employing a new and bold colour palette, don’t expect to get it completely right the first time!

    The most interesting rooms are those that have the least homogeny, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries until you’re happy with the outcome. I can promise it will be worth the time and effort
  2. Start with a colour palette. What colours do you love? Before you even begin to think about textures and patterns, decide on the colour palette you wish to use. The possibilities are endless, so spend time determining what colours look good together in the space and which ones will clash.  A good start for beginners is to decide whether cold colours or warm colours will work best for your space and then stick with this colour family.
  3. How much is too much? While there are certainly no rules when it comes to mixing and matching, there are some rough and very useful guidelines to make sure the result is interesting without being crowded or overbearing.

    A great trick is to stick with no more than 20% pattern and 80% solid, using no greater than four patterns per room. When it comes to the type of patterns used, anything goes. But always remember to decorate with patterns in varied sizes, to create a layered feel.
  4. When mixing woods, think ‘formal’ and ‘informal’. One of the most challenging aspects of furnishing a room is coordinating wood pieces. The first ‘rule’ of wood is to decorate with pieces selected from one of two families: formal or informal.

    For instance, mixing darker tones of furniture with a light maple floor is perfectly acceptable, but placing deep, rich cherry pieces with weathered and rustic wood textures is not. Another tip is to consider the undertones of the wood (are they red or dark chocolate?) and create a harmonious and balanced space based on these.
  5. The simplest way to balance mix and match is by using different tones of the same colour. If you’re new to mix and match, a great start is to employ a palette of a single colour in varying shades. This way your matchmaking already has a common denominator, allowing you to get really creative with the textures and patterns with greater ease. Choosing a common hue can greatly reduce the stress of trying to find ways to get varying pieces to ‘speak’ to each other, but can still be incredibly effective for creating a layered look.

For more information or to view the full MyHouse range visit My House or call 02 9662 3666.


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