How To Make your Own Coasters

Add a pop of colour to your coffee table with these handmade clay coasters that are both super easy and inexpensive to create. Blogger Melissa Lu shows you how with this step-by-step guide.

Spruce up your next tea party with these gorgeous handmade clay coasters. 

What you need:

- Air dry clay
- Cookie cutters
- 2 thick sticks or skewers
- Rolling pin
- Acrylic paint
- Sealer
- Paint Brushes
- Baking paper

1. First roll your air dry clay out using the two skewers as a thickness guide so you get an even thickness. (If you get weird lumps or cracks just smooth it out with a bit of water). 

2. Then use your cutter and cut out the shape you want (I used the fluted side of my cookie cutter)

3. To get my butterfly design I used a stencil and pressed it into the clay. (make sure you press all around the stencil so the clay is imprinted with the design)

4. You need to let your clay dry for 24 hours before moving onto the next step. You need to seal your clay before you paint it otherwise the paint will seep into the clay and you won't get a nice vibrant colour.

5. Once your sealer has dried you can mix up different colours with your acrylic paint and paint the details onto your coaster. Once they paint has dried seal it again.

And voila - this will be your finished product!

To make the black and white design, use different sizes of fluted cutters to make impressions on the clay. Once it has dried paint alternating rings with black with a fine tipped paint brush.

Air drying clay is very versatile and can be used to make other gorgeous handmade items. I made His and Her's little trinket dishes.

To make these yourself, roll the clay out without the skewer guides to about 2 -3 mm thickness and line a bowl with plastic wrap then line the bowl with the clay and smooth and cut around the top to create a smooth edge. imprint on any design you like. For my "His" bowl I scratched lines into it and for my "Her's" bowl I used the back of a paint brush to press in a floral design.

Once the clay has dried you can seal and paint it to your desired colour.

Clay is a great way to get your creative juices flowing! If you have kids, try precutting, drying and sealing some clay coasters and let them paint it however they like and that could be their personal coaster!

It is also great for a pretty tea party ! lay out some homemade cookies, make some tea and your guests can choose their own coaster to use.

I got my gorgeous gold tea set from a market for $25! What a bargain!

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