How To Make Your Own Birdhouse

Bring some life back to your garden! Creating your own birdhouse has never been easier or more fun with this step-by-step guide.

Why is having a birdhouse in your garden of benefit? Obviously a birdhouse will attract birds, and there are a number of ways birds can be such a wonderful addition to your backyard. Here are a few key reasons: 

1. Birds love bugs and bugs love our flowers, fruit, veggies and herbs that we so lovingly tend to. Attracting birds to your garden will help reduce the amount of bugs, and also reduce the amount of chemicals you might use on your garden, to help with controlling any bug problem you may have.

2. This may sound like a simple and obvious reason, but Birdhouses help to replace habitat. As more and more man-made developments go up, birds are losing areas that they would have naturally nested in. Adding a birdhouse to your garden is a small but fantastic way of recreating some of these natural areas.

3. There are certain species of birds that sip nectar. These Pollinators and will help your garden flowers bloom more, which in turn attracts more birds! Your garden can only benefit.

4. Apart from the environmental side of keeping a Birdhouse, another great reason is that it’s hugely educational. If you have kids, it’s a great way for them to learn about birds and their behaviours. It’s the simple times amongst nature that kids can often remember as their favourite days.

Adding a Birdhouse to your garden doesn’t have to be expensive at all. In fact you could probably almost make one from what you’ve got in your house right now!

Here are two VERY simple houses I’ve made; you don’t need a degree in carpentry, just the excitement to create! I’ll start firstly with the quicker of the two.

What you’ll need is an old teapot, and that’s it! You might have one at home you don’t use anymore, if not you can pick them up from the Op shop for very little.

For a good Birdhouse, you need a small opening for the bird to get in an out of, and holes in the base for drainage. Once the teapot is hung up, the spout points down so it’s perfect drainage, in case of rain.
If you’re feeling a little luxurious, you could add some straw or coconut fibre to your house as added comfort! You can buy either of these at your local garden centre.

This second Birdhouse is very simple to make. It would also be a great project to do with kids.

What you’ll need 
- An empty soda bottle, at least 1.25L
- Superglue
- Acrylic paints and brushes
- Wire
- Scissors
- Stapler
- PVA glue
Firstly cut off the upper part of the soda bottle just below the lip. Then, depending on how big you want the house, cut an inch or two off the top of the lower part of the bottle.

Then carefully cut a hole in the side of the lower part of the bottle; this will be the opening.
The top of the bottle should fit nicely over the bottom giving a great roof effect. You could staple the roof to the base, however I found it easiest to superglue it and leave is upside down for 10 minutes to dry.

Once your glue has dried you want to add a white primer coat of paint, this will ensure any colour you put on the bottle looks its best. Depending on the quality of the paint you have, you might find that it doesn’t want to stay on the bottle - as it’s plastic. If this happens add a touch of PVA glue to the white paint and mix it up.

When your primer coat has dried you can get onto the fun part of decorating it, in all honesty this is probably where kids will want to get involved. You can be as outrageous, pretty, bright, pastel or plain as you like. Any little added extras you want to add (like this butterfly) can be stuck on with superglue or stapled.

As with all Birdhouses drainage is key, so cut a few little holes in the base once all the paint has dried. This helps not only when it rains, but also on hot days it’s good for circulating air.
This house took me about 2 hours to make, but that was mainly because of drying time.

Both these Birdhouses were so simple to make. Have a look round your house and see if you can find anything else that could be turned into a Birdhouse. Lets bring some life back to our gardens.

Katie Butterworth is a mother of twins and blogger about all things eco-friendly and living green. You can find out more at and follow her on facebook.

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