How to Decorate with Wrapping Paper

While we all use wrapping paper for the obvious, there are plenty of other ways to use beautiful paper than to cover your gifts.

Learn how to decorate your home using wrapping paper with these Top Tips from Crumpled.

1. Paper Folding - No left over pieces of wrapping paper need to go to waste

Small left over pieces are great for folding into paper flowers, animals, heart shapes and much more. These folded origami goods can be used to embellish wrapped gifts or as decorations for cards and birthday parties.

2. Coasters and Lampshade Covers - Spread the wrapping paper love to your home

Transform loose tiles to coasters or revamp your lampshade with a new look.

To make Coasters, you’ll need:
• 6 tiles, colour and size of your choice
• 2-3 different Crumpled wrapping paper pieces
• Acid-free, clear dry glue suitable for decoupage
• Foam brush
• Felt
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Craft knife

1. Cut your wrapping paper into different shapes of your choice
2. Using the foam brush, apply a thin layer of glue on the tile. Place cut pieces of paper on the file and spread more glue over the top. If any bubbles appear, smooth out using sturdy cardstock or plastic card. Let the glue dry.
3. Cut a piece of felt to the size of the tile to ensure the coasters don’t scratch your table. Spray the adhesive on the back of the tile. Stick the felt square down and allow for the glue to dry
4. Spray clear coat on top of the finished tiles

To revamp your Lampshade, you’ll need:
• Lamp with fabric covered shade
• Double-sided tape
• Crumpled wrapping paper large enough to cover the shade
• Ribbon

1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to cover the shade. Ensure to leave an extra centimeter or two on the short end
2. Overlap the excess and secure with double-sided tape
3. If you wish to hide the paper edge, run a piece of ribbon around the top and bottom rim of the shade. Secure with double-sided tape
3. When wrapping a gift, keep the decorations simple to further highlight the design of your wrapping paper

3. Personalised Notebook - Personalise everyday items for yourself or as one-off gifts

There’s always someone for whom it’s difficult to buy presents. For those picky pleasers, make personalized stationary using wrapping paper - or keep it for yourself!

To make personalised notebook, you’ll need:
• Cardstock or empty cereal box cut to 32cm x 21cm
• Wrapping paper cut to 34cm x 23cm
• 10 sheets of A4 paper
• Double-sided sticky tape
• Hole punch
• 3 Metal fasteners
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Bone scorer or Dinner knife
• Needle

1. Place the cardstock in landscape orientation. Draw a line in the middle and mark a line 1cm from the left of the middle line.
2. Score both lines using a bone scorer or the back of your dinner knife. Fold the card in half and fold back the top layer on the scored line 1cm away from the middle fold. Crease firmly
3. Adhere the unfold cardstock to wrapping paper using double-sided sticky tape. Ensure to centre the card on the paper prior to sticking.
4. Fold in the excess paper and secure down. Firmly crease on the centerfold. This is the cover of the notebook.
5. Fold your A4 papers in half from landscape orientation. Using a pencil, mark 3 dots in equal distance, 5mm from the centerfold on both the cover and the first sheet of folded A4 paper.
6. With the folded A4 paper lined up, use a needle and push through gently on the marked dots on the first sheet to indicate the placement of the dots on the remaining sheets of paper.
7. Use a hole punch to create the holes where marked on the sheets of paper as well as the cover. Gather the papers with the cover on the outside.
8. Push through the metal fastener with the tail towards the back cover. Spread the tail to secure the papers in place. Give the finished notebook a final firm crease at the centre.

Crumpled is fashioning a new era of wrapping in style! It’s a wrap!

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