Freecycle Decorating

Inspired by the DIY approach of freecylcers Gordie Warnoff and Anthony D’Arcy in our series Junk Raiders?

Why not get involved in freestyling yourself and give dumped, unwanted items a new life in your own home? Not only will it add character to your home décor, it’ll also save you loads of cash. All you need to know is where to look, and how to look. Top tip: with a creative, restorative eye!


Freestylers like Gordie and Anthony take perfectly useable objects that have been dumped and turn them into something completely different. It’s all about taking something unwanted and making it something wanted – not only helping your decorating budget, but also the environment and your local community.


For budget-conscious and environmentally-friendly decorators, freecycling is a great approach. It:
- Is free!
- Reduces waste deposited into community landfill – therefore helping the environment
- Eliminates clutter in homes and offices
- Encourages sharing amongst local communities
- Gives your home character


While most bargain-hunters search for unwanted treasures at flea markets, second hand stores, or the local garbage collection day, dedicated freecyclers hit the internet for items to rebuild and rework. Visit the following websites to get more info and begin your search:

FREECYCLE NETWORK - A worldwide non-profit organisation that offers free items for re-use. Visit them at

OZRECYCLE – A site dedicated to recycling and freecycling in Australia. Check them out at

YOINK - Browse through other items on offer or list your own to give away. Visit them at

Also, don’t underestimate the homes of family and friends. A family member is more likely to dump free stuff on you – and that’s what freecycling is all about, after all!


Keep an open mind. Working with freestyled treasures means you can do whatever you want with it. Turn old bike wheels into a coffee table, reupholster old, tattered chairs into modern, funky creations, use an old water can as a flower pot, make a lampshade out of shirt buttons… you get the idea!

Reinvent it. Your new treasure doesn’t have to stay in the room it came from. So, bring the outside in or the inside out.

Treat it right. No matter what you intend to make in the end, it’s a good idea to give every item a good clean. That means, strip and sand wood items before applying any lacquer or paint, strip any metal items right back, and treat leather items correctly. You want it to last.

Want some inspiration on freestlying and repurposing objects? Visit for some fun and creative ideas.

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