Eco-Friendly at Home

We’re all much more conscious of using chemicals in the house and on our skin these days, not to mention the cost of buying so many different products, so try these natural everyday household items and see just how effective they are!

Smelly hands
To remove fishy or garlic smells from fingers, rub your hands with a metal spoon under running tap water and the smell will go away. Magic!
Avocado’s best kept secret
When you’re making a salad with avocado, don’t toss the seed in the bin – leave it in the salad and it will keep the salad green and fresh and stop the avocado going black.
Get rid of stretch marks
Lavendar oil is a highly recommended remedy for stretech marks. Rubbing a few drops of lavendar oil (available at supermarkets and health food stores) on the affected area twice a day will help the marks fade quickly. Mixing olive oil with the lavendar oil is also very effective.
Help your flowers last longer
Add a few teaspoons of brown sugar to the water in the vase to keep your flowers fresher for longer.
All-purpose cleaner
Have you ever tried white vinegar as a cleaning product? Use a little in a spray container – it’s great for mirrors and windows. Mixed with eucalyptus oil it is fantastic on basics, kitchen boards and stainless steel – plus it’s toxic-free.
Natural carpet deodoriser
Mix 4 teaspoons of cornflowers with 4 drops of lavendar oil and lemon myrtle. Sprinkle around the carpet before vacumming.
Spills in your oven?
Clean up spills in the oven the easy way by sprinkling salt on them immediately. When the oven has cooled, brush away the burnt-on food with a damp sponge. Works like a dream!
DIY furniture polish
Mix together 1 teaspoons olive oil, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon whisky or brandy and 1 teaspoon water. Rub on furniture with a cloth and buff for a deep shine.
Give old socks a good home!
Use old socks and t-shirts to clean the house. Cotton is better than the plasticised materals sold for cleaning and is better for the environment.

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