Two new ways to use tinsel in your Christmas decorating

Tinsel can look a bit dated or messy on your tree, but there's no need to completely discard it in your decorating.

With all the beautiful glass baubles and Nutcracker soldiers in the shops, the humble string of tinsel can seem a bit 'old hat'. Here are two genius ways to use tinsel in your home this Christmas:

Tinsel Christmas wreath

Give this cheap and cheerful Christmas wreath a go.

What you’ll need

Styrofoam wreath, lots of tinsel (a few metres should cover it), sewing pins, pom poms (bought or homemade), decorative bow and craft glue.


Tinsel can be bought in a variety of colours from metallic silver, gold, pink and even a dark green that looks like a Christmas tree fir. For this particular wreath, we were inspired by all things retro and pastel.

1. Start by securing one of the ends of your tinsel to the bottom of your styrofoam wreath (let’s say at 7 o'clock). Poke the pin through the tinsel into the wreath.

2. Wrap your tinsel around your styrofoam wreath until you meet back to where you started. You will find your tinsel will sit better leaving no gaps if you wrap your tinsel on a slight angle. As you wrap the tinsel around secure it down in a few points, so it does not slide off.

3. Once your styrofoam wreath is covered in tinsel, you can start decorating. Start by attaching a decorative bow to the bottom of the wreath with craft glue.

4. For extra decoration you can also glue on some pom poms. These could be store-bought or homemade. If handmaking pom poms from scratch with wool, make sure to keep a 10cm pom pom wool handle left when making so you can use this to tie the pom pom onto the wreath.

For another decoration idea you could attach a joyful ‘Merry Christmas’ sign and hang it on the front door to greet guests.

Tinsel Christmas tree table decorations

Feature these tinsel trees on the Chrissie dining table as the main centrepiece.

What you’ll need

Styrofoam cones in different sizes, tinsel and sewing pins.


This one is made similar to the Christmas tinsel wreath. Instead, we have used styrofoam cones.

1. Starting at the flat bottom part of the styrofoam cone, attach one of the ends of the tinsel with a sewing pin. Poke the pin through the tinsel and into the cone.

2. Keep wrapping your tinsel around and up the cone, keep each piece very close to the last one to avoid gaps and use sewing pins to secure as you go.

3. Finish off your tinsel tree by attaching the end bit of your tinsel to the top point of the tree using a sewing pin.

Some sewing pins can come with a mini bauble attached to the end. This could add an extra decorative element to your tree. Feel free to have fun decorating and personalising your tinsel tree. You could glue on some mini pom poms or decorate with ribbon and a gold star on the top.

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