Clever Ways to Divide a Room

Large rooms and open spaces can be wonderful for a light and airy look. Unfortunately, those same large spaces can also give the feeling of an empty and barren area. One way to combat that is to divide the room into sections. While you could always install a wall, there are other clever ways to divide a room that are not as permanent, but give the same appeal. If you are searching for a way to divide your room, try one of the ideas below to get started.

Closed Curtains

One of the benefits of using curtains as dividers is that there are so many different types of curtains that the look you can create is almost endless. Install a ceiling track in the area that you want to divide. For a simple, straight-forward divider, use a straight track. However, if you want to create a less harsh division of space, install a curved track that will provide you with a gentle angle. The curtains that you hang are just as important as the shape of the track itself. Sheer curtains will give you a visual division without breaking up too much of the light and airy feeling of the room. Thick, darker curtains will make a clear distinction between spaces and can be great for creating a sleeping area for visitors. Be sure that the type of curtains you use fit the purpose of the divider, as well as match the style and colors of your room.

Better Bookshelves

It used to be that bookshelves were tall and stately with flat backs and a formal feel. Today’s bookshelves are open and are perfect alternatives for traditional room dividers. Instead of using a regular bookshelf, use a cube style bookshelf instead. By having open shelves, you retain some of the openness of the space that probably attracted you to the room in the first place. If you want to add more privacy, but enjoy the look of the cube shelf, place baskets on the shelves. The baskets provide a visual barrier, but they can be accessed from both sides of the shelf for versatility and organization.

Hanging Artwork

Have you ever thought of suspending your artwork from the ceiling in the room to act as a divider? If not, you may want to consider using your Monet print as a potential divider between spaces. Place a low buffet along the area that will be divided and hang a large print or wall sculpture from the ceiling to create a division between the parts of the room. While there will be little privacy between the areas, it will provide a clear visual distinction of the areas in the larger room.

Dividing a room offers you a chance to use a large space for a variety of purposes. It provides privacy while also affording you the ability to completely close off some areas from view. Whether you want to create a quiet reading nook or you need to have a spot for overnight guests, the ideas above can help.

Author, Alyssa Davis, is’s number one design specialist on decorating with yard metal wall decor and wrought iron door toppers.

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