A beginner’s guide to crystals

Keeping crystals in the home is a wonderful way to attract positive energy into your space. 

They will amplify the atmosphere you need while clearing away any negativity. Placing the right stones around your house will keep spaces feeling light, positive and pure. This section of the book identifies key spaces in the house, matching each one with the ideal optimal energy and the stones that will help you to create it. Use this as a starting point then follow your own intuition to select the best stone for particular areas in the home.

Take time to consider what it is that you would like each stone to bring to the home – are you hoping to attract abundance into your home? Do you want to foster a calm atmosphere for the family space? Once you have identified your intention, use the advice on the following pages to select the stone, placement and display method that will best achieve that. To maximise the healing potential of crystals in the home, clear the space of any negative energy before introducing a new stone to your space; it can also be helpful to programme each stone with a specific intention.

Space Clearing

Stagnant and negative energy can build up in homes, whether from disagreements, bad moods or even illness. It is important to clear your space regularly, as this will promote balance and harmony within the area and will help to clear away any unwanted energy. Burning sage, incense or palo santo wood is a very effective way to cleanse the area of any negativity. Space clearing will bring the home back to its original state of peace, comfort and positivity.


It is important to programme your crystals, especially when you using them for a particular healing purpose. Having cleansed a stone, sit quietly and hold it in your hands for a few moments. Set your intention for the crystal by focusing on its desired purpose – for example, health, love, abundance or protection. By dedicating the crystal to a specific purpose, you are infusing it with pure intention.

Setting an intention is a powerful way to begin the process of manifesting your goals or visions. An intention can be seen as an internal drive that brings a sense of clarity and direction in life. When setting your intention for the day or week, ensure that it is positive and uplifting, for example: ‘I intend to bring love and happiness into my life’. Setting an intention is about defining how you wish to operate both mentally and spiritually – not only to achieve your goals but also in bringing a greater sense of self-awareness and gratitude to your daily life.

Introducing Crystals to a Room

There are many beautiful ways to introduce crystals into the home. As with plants, crystals offer an opportunity to bring a piece of nature into your space. By exploring different placement options that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, you will be able to immediately lighten the energy and ambience of the home. Below are some of my favourite ways to display crystals that can be applied to any area of the home, and on the following pages are room-specific ideas that will help to attract the right kind of energy into each area.

• A small dish or bowl carved from a crystal such as rose quartz is a lovely way to display jewellery or other small items, while also adding some extra positive and loving energy into your space. In the bathroom, it can be used as a soapdish.

• Keep quartz points or clusters on a surface where the sun regularly shines; this will often create a stream of beautiful rainbows, transforming your living area into a bright and positive atmosphere.

• Use crystal bookends on shelves to brighten up your favourite reading corner, or to keep stagnant energy away from the office space.

• Crystals also work well with houseplants to bring a fresh and earthy feel to the home or workspace. In the soil at the base of a plant or beside a plant pot are perfect places for your crystals to hang out, while also helping your plants to stay strong, healthy and happy. Green stones like aventurine, malachite and moss agate are effective for keeping in your garden or near indoor plants, along with clear quartz to amplify healing energies.

Crystals for a New Home 

Before moving into a new home, trying gridding the space with black tourmaline. After cleansing with sage or palo santo wood, place a black tourmaline crystal in each corner of the house to create a protective shield against negative energy. Placing a clear quartz crystal in each room will amplify the positivity in your new home.

Extracted from The Crystal Fix: Healing Crystals for the Modern Home by Juliette Thornbury, RRP $35, Murdoch Books 

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