8 Ways to Prepare the Perfect Footy Finals Party!

So it’s your turn to host the footy final this year? While we can't guarantee your team will win, here's a checklist of everything you need to ensure the day is a success!

The date has been set. Plans have been made. The Grand Final is approaching. And all your mates are descending en masse to your place to watch the big event. But have you thought of everything?  It’s a grave responsibility, after all – not only is a lot riding on  you being the perfect host/BBQ master, but you must ensure your pad is appropriately decked out to accommodate your demanding compadres and provide the perfect environment for things to go smoothly.  Your reputation is at stake!

Here's a check-list of everything you’ll possibly need and more! 

1. Beer: Lots of it. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many rookie errors occur. It’s not just about making sure you buy enough (is there such a thing, anyway?) but also providing ample refrigerator space for everyone’s beer (including the annoying friend who brings his own fancy foreign ale/light beer, but also ensuring it’s chilled to its optimum temperature (that’s 1.0 degrees, for the record)

2. Sausages, steaks, salad and a working barbie: Okay, the salad is optional, but plenty of snags and slabs of dead, red animal are vital. Likewise, your barbeque which must be cleaned, fully gassed and ready to go. (Tip: Do you have your over-sized tongs and amusing sloganised apron ready to go?) 
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3. A good-sized esky: Preferably motorised and able to handle at least a couple of slabs, this little mobile fridge needs to be parked nearby. Why? Because you cannot risk missing the winning goal when you get up to go to the fridge.

4. Strong garbage bags: Let’s face it – your mates are going to create a lot of rubbish, so maybe there’s going to be a lot of dirty papers plates, used napkins, and empty beer bottles. Be prepared so that clean-up, disposal and recycling are as painless and efficient as possible.

5. At least one friend who barracks for the opposition team: Often overlooked, this is actually essential to any team-barracking situation. Given the probability of your side losing are infinitesimally small, when his team does inevitably lose, he can be duly mocked, humiliated and shamed by everyone present and for the amusement of all. This is as it should be.

6. Clear seating arrangement: Remember: you are master of your abode. Your perfectly positioned leather throne is yours and yours alone. Anyone trying to claim your seat must be made aware of the consequences – in the most humorous way of course.

7. A footy: The half time kick around is an absolute must. Transform your street, your backyard, laneway, even your hallway, into the MCG for a boot of the footy and obligatory pulled hammy or stubbed toe.

8. Massive TV: Last but not least, you require a TV that makes it seem like you’re really at the game. We suggest one of LG’s 79 inch Ultra HD TVs. With 4 times as many pixels as a Full HD TV, this beast will settle any debate about whether the ball really crossed the line. They say you can tell a lot about a man from the size of his TV, and this one will not only blow away all your mates and make them insanely jealous, it will ensure your hosting of this year’s Grand Final passes into the realms of legend!

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