5 Ways to Make Your Own Canvas Art

Canvas wall art is one of the easiest and most diverse ways to bring something exclusive and personal to your home. 

Make something uniquely yours – no prior skills required! 

Here are five ways to create your own canvas wall art using easy DIY tips and tricks.



• Francheville Wood Block 8x10”
• Alphabet Stickers of your choice (we used Franceville Metallic Stickers Script)
• Americana Multi-Surface Satin – Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange
• Plastic Spray Bottles x 3

Step 1: Mask out a message using stickers. Ensure they are firmly stuck down.
Step 2: Mix a small amount of acrylic paint with water in a spray bottle and graffiti over your letters. We used three different fluoro colours.
Step 3: Allow drying before removing the letter stickers.



• 'Francheville' Hexagon Canvas, 8" and 10"
• 'Semco' and/or 'Americana' paint in desired colours
• Protective Gloves
• Plastic drop sheet or disposable table cloth
• Disposable cups
• Wooden Stirrers
• 'Craft Smart' Decoupage Glue
• Paint brush
• Craft Smart Liquid Gloss
• Heat Gun or Propane Torch

Step 1: For a canvas project, the canvas must be sealed before Liquid Gloss is applied. To do this, use Craft Smart Decoupage Glue to cover the back side of the canvas, making sure to reach right to the edges. This should dry within 15-30 minutes. We recommend at least two coats to ensure your project is completely sealed
Step 2: Elevate your project (we placed ours on disposable cups around the frame) and lay plastic underneath to catch any drips. The bottom of your project may be taped with masking tape to ensure a neat finish if desired.
Step 3: Measure precisely one part resin (red cap) and one part hardener (black cap) in a disposable styrene/plastic cup. You don’t need to use a measuring vessel- simply compare levels of the remainder in the transparent bottles for accuracy (allow a few seconds for the contents to settle before comparing levels). For each 250mL of Liquid Gloss, you will coat an area of approximately 60cm x 60cm. Mix thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer for several minutes, scraping down the sides and stirring with a slow mechanical motion. The contents must be mixed thoroughly but you want to avoid creating bubbles wherever possible.


• Hessian canvass
• Acrylic paint in pink, white and green
• Flat edged paint brush

Step 1: Mix up pink and white paints so that you have four distinct pinks to work with.
Step 2: Working form the middle of the canvass, paint a rose pattern using X shapes, just as you would if stitching with thread.
Step 3: Add leaves to complete the pattern.



• Francheville Black Canvas
• Semco Acryic Paint 120ml – Colours of your choice
• Princeton SupaValue Brushes
• Pencil
• Small Plate

Step 1: Trace a circle on your canvas using a dinner plate and faint pencil.
Step 2: Use acrylic paints to mask around the circle area with pretty florals.
Step 3: Use chalk or a chalkboard marker to write yourself a happy note in the centre of the circle!



• 'Francheville' Colouring In Canvas, Balloon
• 'Semco' Watercolour Palette
• 'Princeton' SupaValue Watercolour Brush (we used a round brush)
• Glass of water and paper towels

Step 1: Take the colouring in craze to canvas! This canvas works with markers or watercolour paints.
Remember that when wet watercolour will diffuse and mix with other colours, if you want to keep colours separate i.e. the yellow centre of a flower separate from the petals, paint the centre first, leave to dry then paint the petals.

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