4 Disney Inspired Craft Projects

Those rainy days when you're home alone with the kids are a great opportunity to do some DIY projects together. Here are some Disney inspired craft ideas to get you started:

Mickey and Minnie

Make your own Mickey and Minnie Ears as part of an impromptu costume party or just for some fun. This project takes about 30 minutes and is good for all ages. First of all, draw an ears template and also grab yourself some scissors, stiff black felt, two black headbands a hot glue gun and a polka dot ribbon. 

To create the ears, simply cut out the template so you have four ears, two for each headband. Hot glue them on and for an extra touch, add the polka dot ribbon to one to create Minnie. 

If you have young girls, these DIY projects are perfect. They suit 5-8 year olds and will have your girls feeling super special. 


It's easy to create a Cinderella inspired fascinator. To do this project you'll need felt, ribbon, fake jewels and gems, feathers, needle and thread, and craft glue. You can choose any colours you'd like - if you're unsure, various shades of blue and purple make for a lovely fascinator.

Hot glue would hold everything in place more effectively, but with craft glue your kids can get involved without you having to worry about them getting hurt. 

Start with the ribbon. Weave a needle and thread through the length of the ribbon, scrunching it to create a rippling effect. Next, cut out two circles of your felt. With one, glue the ribbon around the edge of the circle until the ribbon covers the entirety of the felt and resembles a flower.

On the other circle, glue the feathers into the centre. Glue the two circles together so the feathers are behind the ribbon flower. Attach it to a headband or hair clip and add finishing touches of glitzy faux gems.

Snow White

All you need to create a Snow White Crown is stiff white glitter felt, scissors, red gems, red pipe cleaners, a headband, glue and a crown template. Simply cut out the shape of the template on the felt, glue the gems to the felt on the peaks of the crown and the pipe cleaners to the base. Glue the bottom of the crown to the headband and wait until it's dry until your girl puts it on and prances around.

Buzz Lightyear

When you're done with this project, your kids will boast to everyone they know. This Buzz Lightyear star globe may take a bit more time and require a few more materials, but it's definitely worth it. It's said to take about an hour and be fit for a preschooler. 

Gather together small jars that have been cleaned and dried, card in a variety of colours, a ruler, pencil, scissors, string, craft glue and hot glue, distilled water and star-shaped confetti. You'll also need materials to decorate your rocket, such as stamps, stickers and pens, as well as glycerine, which is available from your local chemist or craft store.

To make the globe, fill the jar with water, add a couple of drops of glycerine and star confetti. Close the lid tightly and secure in place with hot glue. Leave to dry and use hot glue to attach the following pieces.

The base is made by cutting some card to wrap around the bottom of your jar. Make sure before you glue, that the card is sturdy enough to hold your jar up. 

The cone nose is to be made next. Measure a half circle and roll into a cone, using your tacky glue to fix in place. You'll also need three triangle shapes to add to the side of your rocket ship. 

Let your kid go wild with decorating the space ship with stickers and felts.

The benefits of crafting with your kids

There are many benefits of arts and crafts with your kids. They will have the chance to explore their imagination, learn about creative expression and feel that sense of pride in making something with your own two hands.

In fact, it's well known that art is very important for developing children. Studies show it helps in many ways, including learning motor skills, language development and decision making. It also helps to develop that inventiveness and cultural awareness, and can even help your kid achieve in their other classes.

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