25 Amazing Uses for Bi-Carb Soda

Most Aussies will have this product in their kitchen, yet they may not be using it to its full potential.

Bicarbonate Soda, or Bi-Carb, has a wealth of uses. It gets rid of smells and stains, and, according to McKenzie's, can be used to clean almost everything in your house.

If you're budget conscious, or simply prefer a more eco-friendly cleaning solution, bi-carb is the all-purpose cleaner you didn't know existed.

Clean your home for less than $2.50 with these amazing bi-carb hacks:

1. Get those tea stains off your mugs

Finally, get those brown rings and spots off your favourite cup! Just put a little bit of bi-carb on a damp sponge or cloth and wipe away. 

2. Clean burnt pots and pans

There are a couple of ways you can get scorched marks off your pots and pans with bi-carb, depending on the severity of the burns. If there's only a bit of food burnt to the bottom, soak the pan in warm water with detergent and bi-carb for 10 minutes before washing. If more burnt, scrub the pot with dry bi-carb and a scourer. 

3. Use as a fire extinguisher

It goes without saying, that you should call emergency if faced with a serious fire. However, if it's a small kitchen fire in a pot, pan, oven or microwave you can use bi-carb soda to extinguish the tiny blaze. 

4. Tenderise your meat

If you rub some bi-carb on your meat it apparently works to make it more tender! 

5. Reduce blackheads

You can minimise the appearance of blackheads by spreading a bit of bi-carb paste on the area. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.

6. Get rid of food stains in your Tupperware

No matter how much you scrub your plastic containers, sometimes, somehow, there always remains a few stubborn stains. To get help get rid of stains and the stickiness that develops in some Tupperware, dissolve some bi-carb in water and give your containers a good scrub. Rinse with warm water. 

7. Remove rust (with a potato!)

This is a pretty cool and quirky kitchen hack! Cut a potato in half and dip the surface in bi-carb, then rub it all of the rust. Rinse and you should be on your way! 

However, if the rust is more serious such as on tools, gates or other outdoor devices, sprinkle some bi-carb on the problem area and pour over some white vinegar. When it stops bubbling, scrub with a brush.

8. Clean wooden chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards can be tough to scrub as they absorb liquids and food acids. To remove odours and give your board a proper clean, make a bi-carb paste by adding a dash of water to a small container of bi-carb soda. Rub the paste onto the board and lave for a few minutes before rinsing well.

9. Clean a wet mattress

Whether you've spilled your wine, or someone has had an unfortunate accident, you can dry out, clean and deodorise your mattress with the help of a little bi-carb.

10. Clean your oven - comprehensively!

Oven cleaners can be quite toxic and require a lot of care when in use. However, a bi-carb paste can help get the job done. Scrub oven with the paste and then rinse or wipe down. Be careful not to get any bi-carb on the element in electric ovens!

Similarly, a solution of 1 Tbs of bi-carb and 1 cup of water can also be used to prevent grime sticking to the walls of your oven.

Finally, you can also clean your oven racks in a sink of warm water and a cup of bi-carb.

11. Get dirt and chemicals off fruit and veg

If you're worried about the extra chemical nastiness that may have been sprayed on your fruit and vegetables, a safe way to help get rid of extra residue is to sprinkle a little bi-carb on a cloth and wipe or scrub off any residue. Rinse afterwards. 

12. Clean your silver jewellery

Bring the shine back to your silver jewellery by soaking the pieces in a solution of a 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 Tbs of bi-carb for two hours! Buff afterwards with a soft cloth. 

13. Clean baby toys and equipment

A lot of parents are concerned about what they use to clean children's products, and bi-carb can be one non-toxic option to get the job done. Wipe down plastic or wooden toys and equipment with a bi-carb solution, or sprinkle some bi-carb on fluffy toys and brush off after 15 minutes. Similarly, if you need to clean your child's pram or car seat, place some bi-carb on the item and vacuum away later.

14. Get rid of mould

Most people buy specific products to get rid of mould in their homes, but you may find some relief from a product you already have in your kitchen. Combine bi-carb with a bit of vinegar and scrub away mould with a brush.

15. Use as dry shampoo

If you've been stocking up on bottles of dry shampoo, you may have found a new kitchen companion to save you a few dollars! Just sprinkle some bi-carb on your roots and tousle your hair to ensure the powder isn't visible. 

16. Deodorise your kitchen appliances

Fridges, freezers and dishwashers can all be problematic when it comes to smells. For your fridge and freezer just keep a small, open container of bi-carb on one of the shelves, and replace monthly to keep it fresh.

For your dishwasher, sprinkle some bi-carb on the bottom in between loads. 

17.Clean your bathroom 

Get dirt and grime out of grout and have your porcelain shine like new! Use a bi-carb paste as a grout scrub, or use a wet cloth or sponge and a sprinkling of bi-carb to clean your tiles, bathtub or sink.

18. Better your oral hygiene

Bi-carb is a well-known natural alternative to toothpaste, but be careful to only use a small amount as it can be quite abrasive. The product can also be used to clean your toothbrushes, and as a mouthwash.

19. Deodorise clothes, cupboards and footwear

Bi-carb soda lifts odours, and a sprinkling on your clothes or open shoes can help remove any odours. Similarly, if your cupboard or linen press begins to smell a bit damp, place an open container of bi-carb in the back corner to help absorb odours.

20. Remove fake tan

Mix half a cup of bi-carb with half a cup of lemon juice. Apply the paste to the skin and leave for a few minutes. Rinse off and repeat as needed.

21. Clean stainless steel

Forget purchasing a separate cleaning product for your stainless steel items. Shine your stainless steel with some dry bi-carb and a damp cloth. Make sure to rinse afterward!

22. Get rid of pet smells

Sprinkle bi-carb on your carpet or your pet's bed - wherever seems to be the problem area - and leave for several minutes before vacuuming up. 

23. Clean your make-up brushes

Any make-up fiend knows how important it is to frequently clean your brushes! Soak overnight in a bowl or sink with a few tsps of bi-carb dissolved in warm water.

24. Freshen your mops and sponges

Soak your mop or sponges in a bath of bi-carb solution overnight to get rid of excess smells and built up dirt and germs!

25. Clean drink bottles and baby bottles

Part-fill the bottle with a warm bi-carb solution and shake. Rinse well, and voila! 

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