15 Halloween Hacks to Trick Out Your House

It's a holiday steeped in tradition, but these days Halloween is simply a fun excuse to raid the fancy dress store. Throw a creepy party and indulge in some spooky fun with ideas that will give your guests ghostly chills.

With a bit of imagination and some household items, you can create a creepy haunted-house with minimum cost and fuss! Here are our favourite ideas from Pinterest.

1. No Fuss Jack-o-Lantern

For an easy, nearly-no-mess solution for pumpkin carving, use your electric drill. Fit with a tea light or even some flowers for a pretty effect.

                                                                  Credit: vitamin-ha.com

2. Ever-lasting Pumpkin

If you’d rather save your pumpkin for soup, try ducting hose. You can buy it from most hardware stores – and best of all, you can use it next year! Simply cut a short length, and then tape the inside together. Then, spray paint orange, or any colour you like.

3. Pineapple Jack-o-Lantern

Put a tropical spin on your Halloween party by carving out a pineapple.  Carving the pineapple can be a little messy and sticky, but the results are worth it!

4. Things that go bump in the night

Scare the silly out of your guests and kids by simply cutting shapes into a toilet roll, then inserting a glow stick to make ghastly evil eyes that glow in the dark corners. Put around the yard or in unexpected places around the house.

                                                                 Credit: hercampus.com

5. Spider Lantern

For these awesomely eerie spider lanterns that kids will love, simply fit with a solar light from your local hardware store (charge it during the day) or a glow stick, and decorate the inside with cotton wool and spiders. Perfect for the kids to take trick-or-treating.

6. Floating Ghost

No smoke and mirrors with this scary specter! All you need a bottle, a ball and some wire. Drape over cheesecloth and spray with starch. Wait till it dries and you’ll have a ghost that floats like magic.

                                                                     Credit: mrkate.com

7. Eyeball Flowers

For an unexpected scare, simply glue plastic eyeballs into the centre of fake flowers

8. Creepy Halloween Wreaths

This idea is so fantastically creepy, and so easy to put together! Just cut a large circle out of stiff black cardboard, and glue or staple on plastic skeleton hands you should be able to find from your local dollar store. If you can’t find the hands, buy a plastic skeleton and use all the bones, working your way around the wreath.  Or, buy a twine wreath and wrap black snakes around.

                                                                Credit: triedandtrueblog.com

9. Screeching Banshee

If you’re looking for something a little more terrifying than cutesy ghosts and pumpkins, try making this ghastly aspiration – which is deceptively easy to make.  You will need a suitably scary mask and an old nightgown or sheet. Fashion wire coat hangers into the shape of a body, then suspend from your ceiling. 

                                                                        Credit: popphoto.com

10. Giant Spider

Get a large fruit juice container, some gaffe tape and spray paint some pool noodles and you’ve got everything you need for a scary spider of gigantic proportions to sit on your window.

                                                                          Credit: listotic.com

11. Scary Torch Projections

While you’re hosting the grown ups inside, send kids for a fun game of ‘spotlight’ with these fun flashlight projections. And they couldn’t be easier! All you need is a stanly knife, black cardboard, sticky tape and some imagination. There are plenty of fun stencils online to get inspiration.

                                                                   Credit: stuffedsuitcase.com

12. Spider Lollipops

It wouldn’t be Halloween without scary themed treats – litter these furry little spiders around your house for the kids to find. 

13. Haunted House

If you don’t fancy bombing your house with Halloween paraphernalia, keep it simple and instead scare passers by with this eerie idea – simply cut out shapes using black cardboard, and stick to your windows for a leery grin.

14. Ghostly Dancers

This one takes a little more work, but is worth the trouble – especially if you have a very large back yard that needs decorating. 

If glow in the dark paint won’t cut it, try covering with a sheet and placing a torch inside your chicken wire.

                                                                      Credit: pinterest.com

15. Spider Web Placemats

These spider web placemats are so pretty; you won’t want to put them away when Halloween is over.  All you need is craft glue and glitter – draw a spider web onto wax paper, and generously sprinkle with glitter. Lift when completely dry. You could also blue tack these to your walls.


                                                                    Credit: redbookmag.com

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