10 Ways to Keep Warm at Home this Winter

Unless you're living in the tropics, it can get a little chilly in winter. Here are 10 tips to keep warm at home this winter (and keep your energy bill down too!)

So many houses in Australia are just not built for the cold, and keeping warm can be difficult and expensive. To put your bodies (and wallets) in a warmer state of mind, follow these top 10 tips.

1. The number one and most obvious tip is to layer up!

Wearing layers instead of just one big jumper is more effective. As your body warms up, the pockets of air in-between the layers keeps you nice and snug. Keeping your feet covered with socks and slippers is also going to keep the heat in.

2. Sealing up windows

If they’re windows that need to opened, you can use a self adhesive foam seal. If they don’t open or don’t need to be opened, you could use a window insulator kit. This covers the whole window with a thin plastic sheet, you heat it up and it pulls tight so you can still see through it. Up to 40 per cent of your home’s heating energy can be lost through your windows. This will also help in summer as up to 87 per cent of the heat your home gains is through windows.

3. If you have anything but carpet, get as many rugs down as you can

Regardless of whether you have insulation, hard floors feel colder.

4. If you don’t need to heat a certain room close its door

By keeping the space you’re heating as small as possible, you’ll be able to cut costs due to the room heating up faster.

5. Heavy curtains keep the cold air out and the warmth in

Keep them closed on cold days if possible. Any north facing curtains should be opened when sunny, as this will help heat the house up.

6. It’s time to get your pinny on and start baking and roasting!

Apart from the yummy food and amazing smells you’ll be filling your home with, you’ll also be filling it with warmth from the oven.

7. Look for possible draft culprits

We’ve covered windows, which are usually the biggest culprit, but doors are also high up there. Using a simple door snake or a rolled up towel can really help. A lot of older houses have air vents in the walls. If you own your home you could look into getting them filled in, but if you’re renting it can be as easy as a piece of cardboard and Blue Tac.

8. Hot water bottles!

Every winter I say to my husband how amazing would it be to have a heated blanket, but then I remember the little gems that are hot water bottles. Simply fill up a few 15 minutes before you head to sleep and put them in your bed - warm PJs, bed socks, extra blankets and hot water bottles equals one snug bed!

9. Reverse your ceiling fans

A lot of ceiling fan models have a reverse switch. It turns the blades anti-clockwise and therefore pushes the warm air from your heating system (warm air rises) back down to the bottom of the room.

10. Insulate

It’s cheaper than you might think and even if you’re in a rental property there might be ways to do this. Check to see if there is a roof hatch, if there is you can buy insulation from a hardware store and simply roll it out!

Keep warm this winter and if all else fails, have a cuppa!

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Posted by Rebecca2526Report
I have recently just purchased some lined curtains for the lounge room. This has made such a difference and does keep in that warmth.