10 steps to get your home ready for spring

Style Curator Gina Ciancio has all the advice you need to update your home for the new season.

As winter comes close to an end, it’s time to get our homes ready for spring!

Traditionally, spring is a time to declutter and give our homes a thorough clean, but it’s also a great opportunity to embrace some of the latest season colour palettes and freshen up our styling too.

Here are our top ten steps to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!

1. Update your bedding

Pack away the heavy quilted bedding, furs or velvet throws and opt for lighter and brighter choices instead.

White crisp sheets make the perfect base for spring styling and you can inject colour and texture with pillows and a quilt cover.

Cool, blended neutral colours such as peachy tones are forecast to be the biggest trending colours this season.

2. Replace your pillows

Just as important as how your bed looks is what’s underneath!

They say we should replace our pillow inserts every 6-12 months so if you can’t remember the last time you bought yourself new pillows, it’s probably a good time to change these.

While you’re at it, wash your mattress protector and doona too.

3. Bring the outdoors in with plants

2017 is the year of greenery and indoor plants are one way you can achieve this.

Not only do plants look stylish in the home, they can purify the air and are said to improve our health too.

Three of the ‘it’ plants this year are monstera deliciosa, hoya obovata and pilea peperomioides.

4. Declutter and create the feeling of space

Decluttering isn’t our idea of fun either but it is so worth it.

To do a proper declutter, tackle one room at a time and organise items you no longer need or use into piles of ‘donate’, ‘sell’ and ‘throw away’. Good things to tackle include papers, cables and cords, as well as collectables.

You’ll feel so good shedding this excess weight from your home and knowing you’re helping others in the process too.

5. Introduce a new colour palette to your living room

Simply updating your scatter cushions, throw and some of the smaller décor in your living room can create a completely different feel.

If you’re a bit shy when it comes to using colour, try a fail-proof rule of 60-30-10, where 60 per cent of the pieces are one colour, 30 percent another colour and 10 percent an accent colour. For example, you could try 60 per cent soft grey, 30 per cent nudey-peach and 10 per cent white.

The addition of indoor plants mentioned above with some other styling must-haves like candles and books will complete the space.

6. Create an outdoor retreat

Now that it’s warm enough (or nearly warm enough!) to enjoy the outdoors again, why not create a space where you can sit outdoors?

There’s loads of inspiration to create an outdoor space, from lush vertical gardens to a courtyard with the wow factor.

No matter if you have a large space or just a small balcony, a comfortable place to sit, a bit of colour and character, and somewhere to rest your cold beverage are a must!

7. Consider adding a feature wall

Feature walls were overdone for a while there (think circa 2000) but they’re making a strong comeback of late!

While solid painted walls are an easy DIY option to inject colour and interest in the home, another one you may not have thought about is wallpaper.

There are loads of removable wallpaper options out there so you can try something new and fun, like oversized blooms or a textural finish, and when you’ve had enough you can simply peel it away.

8. Update indoor scents

Getting our homes ready for spring isn’t just about what we see, it’s also what we can smell.

Changing our candles and even washing products to those with floral and lighter notes can have a powerful effect on how we feel in our home. Pink Peony is an example of a candle scent that’s perfect for spring.

9. Let there be light

A no-cost and immediate way of making our homes feel lighter and brighter is simply by opening up our windows and allowing more natural light and a fresh breeze through our home.

Or for a bigger investment with bigger impact, look at refreshing your window treatments. Dark or dated curtains could be updated to a combination of blockout and light filtering blinds or curtains.

This is another job you can do yourself, using one of the many online stores that custom make window fittings to your exact measurements!

10. Change around furniture placement

Another no-cost way of refreshing your home is by moving furniture and décor around to create a new feel.

This may sound a little weird but it’s incredible the transformation it can make and it’s a nice change from always buying new.

For example, if you have an occasional chair by the fireplace, consider moving it to a window instead. Or if all of your furniture is oriented towards the TV, consider flipping the orientation to take advantage of a view or different outlook.

Even moving furniture from one room to another can make a big difference.

Images by Style Curator

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