10 Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Time poor? Or perhaps you have champagne tastes on a beer budget? Here are 10 ways to save time and money on the boring stuff, so you can spend it on the things that really matter to you.

You don't have to spend a fortune on cleaning products. Invest in these surefire methods to keep your house looking pristine.

1. Forget spending your hard earned dollars on fancy bathroom cleaners

You can clean tiles and shower doors (including that white scum that can build up) by warming a cup of vinegar in the microwave, adding a cup of dish soap, mixing and pouring into a spray bottle. Spray the area, let it sit overnight, then wipe clean the next day.

2. Alternatively, fill a dishwashing wand with vinegar and dish soap and keep it in your shower

Before every couple of showers, scrub down the walls and rinse off as you wash yourself (finally something you can do while waiting for the conditioner to work its magic!)

3. Does your pet shed hair everywhere? Forget the vacuum and use a rubber squeegee to get the hair out of carpet

It’s actually more effective anyway (bonus tip: this is a perfect pocket money job for younger kids that spend more time close to the floor.)

4. Repurpose finished paper towel, aluminium foil and plastic wrap rolls to store various cords and cables

Simply cut into 15cm lengths, coil cords and cables and place into the roll to keep them separated. Think of all those hours of untangling mixed cords you’ll save over a year!

5. Got a food spattered microwave? Reduce your cleaning time by heating a small bowl filled with vinegar for a few minutes

The steam will help loosen any grime for easy clean up. This also works with lemon juice and water – though vinegar is arguably cheaper!

6. Sick of static in your freshly washed clothes? Add a couple of golf ball sized lumps of aluminium foil in the dryer for a static free load

They’ll last for several loads and are much cheaper than dryer sheets (and less annoying than pulling apart static-y washing!)

7. Keep an old toothbrush in your cleaning caddy

They are perfect for getting into those tricky spots that we pretend we can’t notice, like around spa bath button displays, taps or hinges on toilets.

8. Got a pot you’re tempted to just throw away after burning it quite badly? Pour in hydrogen peroxide to cover the bottom, then add a heavy sprinkling of bicarb soda and leave it to soak overnight

Come out in the morning and with a teeny bit of a scrub on especially stubborn burnt patches (most will just float free), the pot will just wipe clean!

9. If you’ve got fruit or herb plants that produce more than you can use when they’re in season, and you find yourself buying it out of season, learn how to freeze or even dry them into handy portions

Most can be easily stored by chopping into the desired size, or juiced and frozen and defrosted as required.

10. Turn finished cereal boxes into handy magazine-holder style containers

These are ideal for your kids desks, your bills, paperwork or collected recipes.

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Posted by Fiona458Report
Interesting reading I have picked up some great tips. Amazing
Posted by Rebecca2526Report
Great advice and tips on some really great cleaning hacks. I always have lemon, vinegar and baking soda on hand in my home.