Decking & Patios Designs, Ideas & Tips

Read this before you start work on your home's exterior
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Read this before you start work on your home's exterior

If you plan on tackling those big jobs around the exterior of your home, Charlie Albone shares his tips and advice.

How outdoor living can add value to your home

1 minute read

From decking to awnings, Charlie Albone shows you how to extend your living space outdoors.

Easy Makeovers to Transform Your Home

3 minute read

You don't have to do a lot to make big changes to your home. There are plenty of simple and affordable ways to add value and make it a bit more liveable.

Time to Get Decking

2 minute read

Find out how to unlock the potential to increased property value

Verandah Makeover

1 minute read

Shannon revamps a verandah to create a new look and feel

Cleaning a Mouldy Patio

1 minute read

Shannon Lush reveals how to naturally clean a mouldy patio.

Dirty or Mouldy Timber Deck

1 minute read

Shannon Lush shares how to clean a dirty or mouldy timber deck.

Recycled Australian Hardwood

1 minute read

Thors Hammer salvages timber from demolition sites around Australia.

Anston Pavers

1 minute read

Anston pavers are handmade and locally produced using coloured Australian sands.

How To Build A Deck

1 minute read

Luke Van Dyck shows you have to build your own backyard deck.

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Deck

1 minute read

Four straight-forward ways to give your deck some added strength.