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Top DIY Craft Trends for 2015
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Top DIY Craft Trends for 2015

With more suppliers, tricky techniques and inspiration than ever before, there’s never been a better time to get into crafting. Here are the top 11 trends for 2015.

How to Make the Perfect Edible Gift

5 minute read

There are easy ways to show your love with a thoughtful, delicious and inexpensive knock-their-socks-off gift! Blogger Melissa Lu shares two gorgeous ideas.

13 Great Ways to Upcycle Old Jewellery

4 minute read

There are almost endless ways to upcycle your old jewellery. Craft expert Penelope Quinn shows us how!

15 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Old Books

4 minute read

Whether you want to rid yourself of the clutter on your shelves, or if you’d like to make a keepsake of a classic with a pretty colour or sentimental value, why not upcycle it with one of these fab ideas?

How to make DIY Paper Roses for Valentine's Day

3 minute read

Everyone loves roses, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on flowers this Valentine's Day, that will wither and die. Instead, do the environment and your wallet a favour and upcycle an old book into something precious you can cherish forever.

How To Make your Own Coasters

3 minute read

Add a pop of colour to your coffee table with these handmade clay coasters that are both super easy and inexpensive to create. Blogger Melissa Lu shows you how with this step-by-step guide.

8 Quirky School Holiday Activities on a Budget

4 minute read

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us, which means having to keep the kids entertained. We all know the silly season can cause a dent in our wallets, so we have come up with 8 quirky school holiday activities on a budget.

10 DIY Christmas Wrapping Hacks!

2 minute read

Give your wallet and the environment a rest this Christmas, by getting creative and recycling your wrapping paper.

DIY Presents for Christmas

4 minute read

Make your own Christmas presents this festive season! DIY Christmas presents are easy, fun to do and saves you vital cash!

12 DIY Christmas Decorations

4 minute read

You don't have to resort to buying cheap plastic decorations to bring yuletide cheer to your home. Here are 12 fantastic ideas to put a DIY twist on your tree, table and front door, that you're sure to want to keep for years to come!

DIY Head Pieces for Spring Racing

4 minute read

No Melbourne Cup outfit is complete with spectacular head gear! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to turn heads – you can make it yourself out of your old jewelry in just a few hours.