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How to Throw a Fun Rainbow-Themed Kids Party

How to Throw a Fun Rainbow-Themed Kids Party

There's never too much colour for a rainbow theme. Why not get creative and choose a very bright, playful palette for your child's next birthday party.

12 Hilariously Epic Craft Fails

4 minute read

When good crafts go bad – these botched crafts will remind you that life isn’t meant to be Pinterest-perfect!

Giant Knitted Items Are Taking Over Winter!

1 minute read

Ukraine-based designer, Anna Mo owner of Etsy store Ohhio, is taking the internet by storm with what is being dubbed as 'the cosiest knits ever'

13 Examples of Body Painting that Will Amaze You

4 minute read

It's been around for millennia - but body painting as an art form has really soared to new heights over the last couple of decades. We've trawled the web for the 13 most inspiring pieces.

The Best DIY Craft Ideas from Pinterest

4 minute read

There’s no better place than the photo-sharing site, to get your craftiness firing on all cylinders!

13 Awesome Things You Can Do With Spray Paint

4 minute read

Think again before you throw out those old nick-nacks. You can give them a whole new lease of life with just a few blasts of spray paint!

6 Ways to Make an Amazing Edible Sculpture

3 minute read

Think the only time you can carve a pumpkin is Halloween? Think again! Byron Bay Artisan Gitta Radau shows us how she transforms humble fruits and veg into breathtakingly beautiful sculptures.

Create a Stylish DIY Gift for Mother's Day

2 minute read

This lovely bag is a stylish and practical idea for Mum that's super quick and easy to make. Follow these simple steps for the perfect Mother's Day gift.

Garden Inspiration: 14 Beautiful DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

3 minute read

Ever wanted to run away with the fairies? Well now you don't have to - they can come to you! Here are 14 inventive ideas to make your very own fairy garden at home.

15 inspiring Easter crafts for everyone

4 minute read

Whether you’re a sugar-crazed toddler or a discerning hipster, we’ve got you sorted with 15 Easter craft ideas.

Top DIY Craft Trends for 2015

7 minute read

With more suppliers, tricky techniques and inspiration than ever before, there’s never been a better time to get into crafting. Here are the top 11 trends for 2015.