Lee Holmes Articles

Lee Holmes' weekly family recipes

4 minute read

We all lead busy lives, and finding the time to think of what you’re going to cook each day can be stressful. But what if the thinking was done for you?

5 healthy salads for your summer BBQ

3 minute read

It's summer which means it's time to celebrate fresh produce and delicious salads – what could be better?

Four strategies for a healthier summer

3 minute read

Lee Holmes shares her tips for health and weight loss, including intermittent fasting and drinking more smoothies!

The key to creating calm and balance is mindful eating

4 minute read

Lee Holmes says it's time to start looking at your body as a whole when it comes to nutrition.

The foods that naturally boost your energy

5 minute read

Here's how to avoid the dreaded daily 3pm slump.

Delicious 'zoodle' soups for a hearty, healthy dinner

2 minute read

Lee Holmes shares her favourite, fresh soups with a modern addition - zoodles!

The flu-fighting foods you should be eating

3 minute read

Lee Holmes has some top tips for boosting your immunity naturally.

The best drinks to improve your gut health

3 minute read

Lee Holmes shares her best tips and three soothing drink recipes to help your gut feel great.

Lee Holmes: Slow cooking is the key to a healthy winter

2 minute read

It's time fire-up those kettles into full gear, keep the soup spoon handy and pull the fluffiest blanket out from the back of the cupboard– winter time is here, my dear!

Lee Holmes' guide to a healthy work lunch

2 minute read

Lee Holmes has a few fresh and fast ways to inject some healthy food into your work week.