Janella Purcell Articles

Celebrity Chef

Your Guide to Chia Seeds

4 minute read

There are so many super foods on the market these days it’s no wonder so many of us are confused about nutrition. So what’s the deal with chia seeds?

The Benefits of Fermented Foods

9 minute read

These foods are just so good for our digestion, easy, cheap and quick to make that it makes no sense not to include them in your diet. 'All Disease Begins in The Gut' - Hippocrates

Your Complete Guide to Soy

4 minute read

One of the most controversial foods around these days must be soy. It divides us like not many other foods. Is it something we should be eating, or not? Here’s the low down.

Healthy Eating Tips for Autumn

3 minute read

The leaves will soon start to fall as the season turns to autumn. Our Nutrition Expert, Janella Purcell, provides her expert advice for the new season.

Say NO to Genetically Modified (GM) Food

3 minute read

Our Nutrition Expert, Janella Purcell, explains why you should consider saying no to Genitically Modified food.

My Top 10 Foods To Take Into 2014

4 minute read

Our Nutrition Expert, Janella Purcell, provides her top tips about the best foods for your health in the new year and beyond!

Seasonal Foods and Summer Cooking Techniques

3 minute read

Our nutrition expert, Janella Purcell, tells you how to eat seasonally and watch ‘wellness’ become part of your everyday life.

The Best Foods to Eat in Spring

3 minute read

What should I be eating this season, and what to avoid?

The Sugar Debate: Should we eat it or not?

3 minute read

Confused by all the buzz around sugar? Our resident Nutritionist Janella Purcell provides her expert advice.

A Vegetarian Diet: Top Nutrition Tips

3 minute read

Considering cutting back on meat or becoming a vegetarian? Here's how to get adequate Protein and Iron.