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I love Southern cooking - sharing communal laid back food like smokey ribs and corn on the cob and blackberry pie.

I love Southern cooking - sharing communal laid back food like smokey ribs and corn on the cob and blackberry pie. I love spicy regional food like Cajun and Creole, Mexican and Thai. I enjoy the complexities of French cuisine and I do love junk food. I'm from an Italian background with grandmothers who were fantastic cooks - one from the North of Italy and the other from the south - so I got the best of both cuisines growing up. I also love reading about the history of food - especially medieval and Victorian cooking/ etiquette/ food produce and what people ate way back in the day.

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Posted by Bodacious Report
Hi Jackie I was after some Maltese Recipes. I have Puddina tal Hobz )Bread Pudding) but would like to try making something else. My Mother passed away before she could pass the recipes down to me and I want to pass them down to my daughter please. Thanks
Posted by CASA E CUCINAReport
Hello are you? Hope all is well on the food front!!!
Posted by jackicamReport
Hi Enzo! I'm well - how are you? Did you go to the Good Food and Wine show this year?
Posted by CASA E CUCINAReport
I believe a huge CONGRATULATIONS are in order....well done!!!
You desreve it... and keep on cooking!!!

Posted by jackicamReport
I know! Weird isn't it! I used to watch Huey but not anymore - there's no point (he's annoying anyway because he rambles on too much about nothing) It seems to be a very greedy thing to do, considering most people are aware of what he's doing - I don't know why he still charges $$$. (maybe he's dreaming of retiring to the South of France or something...)
Posted by Scarlet DevilReport
Hi Jackie, Congrats on your hall of fame award! Thanks for all your supportive comments so far, and I look forward to seeing many more of your recipes in 2010. My goal is to get into the kitchen at home more and be able to share more!
Posted by Philippa WightmanReport
Was a member of Huey's Cooking Club for a good many years - until he nicked my byline "Never trust a skinny cook!" for his last publication!!
Lost the plot with his show - far too much "PRODUCT PLACEMENT"... it's so overt and in-your-face it's obnoxious. Made it a point NOT to buy brands promoted in the show - but that's just me being, well, me! lol
Posted by Philippa WightmanReport
awesome news in the January newsletter Jackie! Well deserved! Congratulations! xox
Posted by jackicamReport
Ta Philippa : )
Posted by lightsReport
Merry Xmas to you too Jackie! Have a safe one :)