Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    Tall Trees 

    Hi We are building a new home our block is only 620 quite small but the Council wants us to plant 2 tall trees that will grow to 15 metres in both the front and back garden. This seems a bit over kill as the roots will effect the house They also want us to plan the garden where as I would like to wait to see just where in the garden will get the best sun. The back of the house faces north but if I plant two large trees I will loose that wonderful asset Do you have any suggestions

    BAck yard and pool area 

    HI Charlie I want to enhance the appearance around my pool and back yard. My question is can I hire you to advise ?

    Cheap Driveway option 

    We have recently purchased out first home in Donvale, Victoria. We are under a very tight budget to redo the driveway. Currently it’s an uneven surface and gives a bad look to the property. We want to even it out and have a smooth driveway, under $5k - $6k so that look of the property can be enhanced. The approximate area of the driveway is 125m2. We don’t inclination towards any material or style, to remain under budget is the main consideration and something that will last us at least 4-5 years. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nitin


    Hi have recently purchased a duplex that is mirror image. I am looking to eventually add in a carpet to the side Gower I would like to landscape the yes for the time being. There is currently not one plant in the yard and is a bit depressing. What tips could you give to bring a bit more life into the outside of the property.


    How can I make my steep back yard more user friendly and easier to maintain? It is quite large, which is not a problem, but I can't maintain it because it is quite steep. I can't use a mower on it. I'm on centrelink payments so I need as cheap a solution as possible.

    lawn that want grow 

    Charlie, I have the back area of house that is difficult to grow grass, it is in shade from middle day till 3.00 then it is shaded again. I have tried weed and feed, extra seed for shaded areas and even seed that was guaranteed to grow on concrete, plus all forms of seed fertiliser and spent hundreds of dollars trying to get the grass to grow. thinking about getting turf but I don't want to waste any more money. what is your advise.


    My deck needs oiling/re-staining but I've seen you guys painting patio decks. Is it more durable and if so what product do you recommend? Enamel or acrylic?

    Lilly Pilly's 

    Hi, I am in a rental house and there are Lilly Pilly's in the front of the house on a raised bed it is edging... Some of them have died by frost and the previous tenant admired them and took a couple when they moved... I cut out part of the garden bed to allow a space to take the bins out onto the side of the road rather than walk them all the way around the house, when I did this I had to transfer 4 of them and only 1 it looks even worse than before so I want to move some around and even them out... Rather than a seaweed plant food can I use liquid blood and bone mixed with water? will these survive?

    narrow space 

    Hi Charlie, Could you please suggest a plant for a narrow space. It will need to go between a fence and a driveway (approx 1m)? I'm not keen on conifers!! thank you

    Driveway Planting 

    Hi Charlie We have just put in a retaining wall along our driveway, creating a slim line garden. We are wondering what type of plants to put in. The garden will be pretty much in full sun all day, except for the top end which will be in shade from the house in the late afternoon. Our property is north-facing. We were thinking agapanthas, birds of paradise or cordylines? Ideally something that grows at least 1 metre high, but tolerant and low maintenance. We would appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks, Christine

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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