Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    Grass into schrubery  

    hello. I would like to turn a rough grass lawn into a schrubery with planting to include an informal path in the area . We are near the top of a hill here in the ACT with stony soil. Regards Kathryn. Of a hill .

    Front landscape or garden suggestion 

    Planning to buildRanch style house in a established area, but there is a slight curve in front of land and land is not proper rectangle (please see the attached picture, can u please guide what can be done in front thank you

    which plant to choose in WA 

    Hi Charles I live in Perth WA and find most of my flowering plants die!!! The heat is too much for them - I love the english flower garden idea, (as originate from UK) but can't seem to find plants similar that will survive the heat, other than natives, and I am not a great fan of these Any suggestions Regards Mary

    laying pavers 

    laying pavers .from concrete path to small shed .2mtx60 with 14 pavers .had bbq area done with tared road base .very fine stones that get into shoes and thongs .these stones will be the roadbase for pavers .do I have to buy paver sand for this job .

    Composite decking 

    We are building a new home and are looking at landscaping options now. I am keen to use composite decking but as its still fairly new to Australia I am concerned if it holds up well to the UV rays years from now and have read a lot in regards to it scratching easily and is not that great around pools.What is your opinion? We really want low maintenance.

    Evergreen trees 

    Hi Charlie, I live where it's gets very hot in summer and cold in winter ( central west Nsw) . I want some modern looking evergreen trees that would also help block noise. Can you give me some suggestions please?

    plastic turf cells 

    Hi Charlie I have seen you use plastic turf cells in two episodes now the latest in Reservoir Vic could you please tell me where I can buy them in Sydney and what they are called Bunnings Don't sell them cheers Mate

    Best Tree for the Job 

    We are in Perth and have a small block so limited gardening opportunity, the block is mainly house. At the front we would like to plant a tree near the fence to screen the neighbours, we want to be here a while so don't mind something big. Full sun to part shade, mainly full sun. It has to be evergreen as I don't want something deciduous so that I'm looking at them all winter long. It would partly overhang our roof and ideally not disturb the fence. Any suggestions?

    Alfresco area 

    Hi Charlie, I have just watched the Mile End episode where you made over an alfresco. My outdoor area is just like that and we would like to line it, like you did on the show. Can you please tell me what you used? Many thanks Stephanie


    Hi Charlie, As a regular viewer I agree with your opinions re. white pebbles/red bark. However, to my mind the greatest atrocity in any yard is that bloody trampoline and I note with some satisfaction you dumped the bastard in last night's episode. These huge unwieldy eyesores are the flavour of the month with kids for about the first month; after that they get about five minutes use per year. In the four years it has dominated by backyard I figure I've lugged it over a kilometre trying to save sundry patches of grass. Naturally after this time all the nuts and bolts have rusted on so how do I get rid of this useless piece of ....?

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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