Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    Kelmscott House 

    The screening that was erected at the Kelmscott house... what was the sheeting material it was affixed to? And who is the supplier for the plastic decorative panels? Thanks.

    Outdoor screens - Perth makeover 

    Hi Charlie we really enjoyed your Perth property transformation, in particular the removal of the shade cloth and replacement with screens. Can you please provide further information as to where you got the screens from and what material you fastened them to? Is that material hard wearing for external elements? Is it necessary to fasten those external sheets to a frame or is a timber fence frame enough? We are overlooked by close neighbours and looking to screen them out for privacy in our entertaining area. Thanks for your time and we love the work you do in the show.

    Backyard misery 

    Hi Charlie, I have this area at the bottom of my yard that gies the width if the yard and I just don't know what to do with it, ideally I would like to somehow make it part of the lawn but not sure how to do this without it fusting a fortune. I watch Selling Houses all the time abd hooe you can suggest something. We have a family reunion happening next March, it'll be the first time my husband abd his 3 brothers have all been together for nearly 40 years, 2 brothers live here and 2 in Yorkshire, so I want everything to be perfect!! Hope you can help Regards Caroline

    Powton / Sapphire Dragon Trees - wont stop growing!! 

    Please help!! How do you kill a Powton tree? I bought these trees about 10+ years ago but never knew they weren't for the average backyard! They were advertised as fast growing & screening trees! I noticed the roots were getting quite large and growing under the artificial turf, in mounds and towards the concrerted areas and the house!! Then the neighbours starting complaining about how much stuff they were dropping over the fence and into their pool! I cant imagine what the roots would do to their pool either, so I had 3 out of 4 chopped down (4th will go when I have a fool proof way of eradicating them for good!!) After having them cut down, I had the stumps ground down....I am sure this actually made the trees angry because up popped a whole bunch of suckers/seedlings?? from the root line - which is anywhere and everywhere! I have dug out to where the stump was ground down and tried weed & Blackberry killer mixed with kerosene, undiluted concentrated weed killer (the strongest I could find but from Bunning's its probably not strong enough??) I pour this directly onto the ones that pop up, it kills them off but hasn't hindered the growth at all. What do I need to do, short of digging up every root in my whole backyard?? Please help, Jodie

    Front fence 

    Hello Charlie, I have been watching you work on selling houses Australia (over and over again) and am always amazed at the clever ideas you come up with to make everything look just so much better. We have lived in our house for the past 18 years and still don't have a front fence, over the years I have called fence builders to come and quote to build a fence BUT as I don't have much of an imagination I don't know what I really want and the builders just try to sign me up for whatever they think is easy for them, so still no fence. Am I missing a step by going straight to the fence builder, is ther maybe someone that I should be talking to about designing a suitable fence for the property?? If so where do I find someone like that In my mind, I think I want a picket fence, but difficult to how it will all come together with the wide driveway and then how do we fit gateway all a bit too confusing. Any advice, I really need help to point me in the right direction. Kind regards Heather


    Hello Charlie My husband and I would like to make our backyard more beautiful. We love the work you do and would love to ask for your help in designing our backyard. Would you please advise if you do this sort of work and how is it done. We have 800sq meters established block and would love some more covered area for outdoor entertainment. Grateful for your response. Regards Ranka and Vlad Videnovic

    Fix this disaster 

    Hi Charlie, I'm a huge fan. How would you fix this disaster & add some character to this box of a house top level. This was a house extension & after many restrictions & errors, I'm stuck with this. I would appreciate your advice on how I can add character to this house & garden on a budget.


    what variety of Bamboo suitable for Sydney for screening along fence

    Transplanting and dividing clumping bamboo 

    We have 10 "slender weaver" clumping bamboo, planted 2 years ago. We need to move them due to renovation. Can we do this, if so how and when is the best time of year to do this (we live at stanwell park NSW). Also can we divided the clumps? Thanks


    Hey Charlie, I am trying to find ideas for my workplace garden. I work in childcare and it's hard to find safe but nice looking plants to make the garden a nice place for the children. Please help.

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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