Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    SLoping/Uneven garden  

    Hi Charlie, Please hellp me to creat a better garden. We just bought the house few weeks ago, the garden run around the house in an U shape. On the left hand side of the house the garden is higher and as it run around the house it starts getting lower. I'm wondering what we can do to make they flatter , divide into sections ? does it required retaining wall? We just bought the place so we are on a tide budget, any suggest would be a greta help. Thank you Charlie :)

    Wall screening 

    you used a plastic screen to cover a bare screen wall outdoors in a house in WA.. The screen was black and had circular rings interlocked. Could you please advise where it can be purchased in NSW

    Replacing white rocks 

    Hello Charlie, we had white rocks in the garden and have removed them, but what would you recommend replacing it with for the fill around plants?

    Outdoor screening 

    Hi Charlie, I have just watched the kelmscott episode of selling houses australia and love the screening that you did. Where are the materials from?

    landscape design 

    Hi My garden has a slight upward slope and I am planning a landscape design to include outdoor seating for a fire pit. Is it a good idea to level the garden and make it into 2 levels. it would probably be 2 shallow steps to the highest level. Is a fixed firepit or mobile one a wiser choice. The garden is all lawn and I am thinking of circular hard surfacing with bricks or pavers in some areas? Need advice please. thank you all the lanscapers I have got quotes from are very very expensive.How can I be more econmical?

    Clivia and Agapantha 

    Please can you tell me what is eating the sides of the leaves, both my clivia and agas are suffereing from the same bites, i have pyrethymed them all to oblivion and back but the eating continues.. please can you help me to rescue them.. lastly my clivia flowers always seem to be between the leaves and not head high just above the there a reason for this... see photo's attached... love your show on telly by the way

    Plastic screens for garden  

    Hi Charlie, I watched your program the other week and you featured plastic screens for the garden. I loved the idea but haven't been able to find them anywhere. Could you please let me know where I could get them from or some more details about what to search for... Any help would be greatly appreciated Look forward to hearing from you Kind regards Linda

    How to dress up an ugly back fence in a rental 

    Hi, I am presently renting a house in Tasmania with a wooden back fence painted in a dark red. The owner has put down while pebbles in front of it and placed a few pots of mostly dead plants on the white pebbles. I have replaced the dead plants, but the fence line severly lacks symmetry, good taste, or the smile factor. I look at it everyday from the lounge area. Any suggestions?


    Hi Charlie My husband and I are building a new home in Ashwood, Victoria, for our family (12 yo triplets and us), which is nearing completion, and now we need to start organising the outside landscaping. We need excavation and removal of excess dirt retainer walls at the rear and sides of the property. driveway front path side gate gravel path & pavers And we are open to suggestions too. As you can probably appreciate, time is in rather short supply as both my husband and I work (coz we have to pay the schooling fees, tennis competition costs, music lessons, uniforms, etc for our 3 munchkins - and there are no hand-me-downs to be had), so we thought we should employ someone to do this landscaping for us.... But we don't know where to start. Do you have a particular landscaper that you would recommend to help us on our quest to make the outside surroundings as welcoming as the inside of our new home? Thanks in advance Toni Peters (Mrs) E M 0400 137 866

    Courtyard Screening 

    Hi Charlie, we have just finished watching an episode of Selling Houses, Kelmscott, WA. We loved the Matrix Halo Screen you used in the outdoor courtyard. I've gone through the Selling Houses website but can only find the info on the screen itself and where it was supplied from. Can you tell me what backing was used for the screen? From what I could see on the episode it looked like the frame used 4x4 uprights, but couldn't work out the backing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Angela

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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