Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    Landscaping a 500sqm block! Where do I start? 

    Hi Charlie, My name is Dwayne and I live in Ardross Western Australia. I have a 500sqm block next to my house which I'm currently using a small portion of for fruit trees and veggie patch. I have two girls one is 3 and the other is 8 weeks old. I'd like to utilise this block for the whole family but have no idea where to start. Please come and landscape my spare block. Its a long shot but i had to give it a go. Cheers, Dwayne

    Garden apps 

    We have just downsized and can do whatever we want in the back yard. Is there a app so I can see what I want to do add pergolas plants change things and colors. I had a look but prob wasn't phrasing it right can you help . Or better still pop round and design it for me hahaha love your work . Can't wait to see the London garden show coming up.

    Bromeliads in wire boxes. 

    Hi Charlie, Last night I saw you make wire box hangers for the wall, you filled them with mulch and you put Broms in them. They looked amazing! Today I got the wire, did you put an orchid type mix in the baskets? I can't find the show online to see exactly how you did it, if there is a site to go please direct me to it. Cheers Terry.

    Garden Pots 

    Hi Charlie, I wish to plant 4 Dwarf Fruit trees in my Backyard in the big pots but wonder if Plastic pot are as good ( if you can get them ) as I would not be able to handle this reasonable or would the plastic pots burst with roots after a period of time because of atmospherics etc .I appreciate your help thanks, Ken

    Painting a wooden front fence 

    can you kindly tell me how to calculate the amount of paint I need to paint a front wooden fence. Thanks

    New paving and pool fence 

    Hi Charlie I have 3 different types of paving/cement inmy backyard. What would look best in my weatherboard cottage backyard. I also need a pool fence.

    Plant selection for gRden bed 

    Hello Charlie, I am wanting to put in a mulched garden bed of matched plants with nice look. It's in canberra with dry shallow soil . Used to be a grass area. I know buxus suits the front for a graduated look, Have you got a formula that works in selecting plants for a good look,? Yes we get frosts. Many thanks any advice is appreciated. Kathryn

    paving paint  

    Dear Charlie, firstly thank you so much for the joy you bring my family and i with your show, we are huge fans! we live in a small block of 4 Federation era units in Kirribilli. i have been asking my co owners for years to paint the back landing area and steps, both are bare concrete. they look awful. but they say paving paint doesn't work. you have used it extensively on your show. would you by any chance have a testimonial document on the subject? kind regards Lionel

    Concrete Driveway 

    I recently purchased a 1950's cream brick veneer home that has lots of concrete. This includes a driveway running next to the house to a carport in the back. We plan on moving the carport forward, and I want to change the old and ugly concrete pavers for something less harsh. I was thinking about a living driveway, with grass or something set into a paterned conrete design. I have seen this online, and was wondering if you had tried this technique, and if so, how effective you found it?

    Really need a new backyard  

    Do you operate in Sydney and can you come and quote me?

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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