Charlie Albone

Landscaping Expert

    Crazy paving 

    Hi Charlie, I want crazy paving on my patio and love the look of the exact one in your article. Is there any chance of finding out where I can get this exact product please? Regards, Melinda Best

    Ground cover  

    Hi Chalie, I have thousands of questions!!! I live just outside Noosa, the soil is very sandy. I am looking for a ground cover that will cover a dam wall so weeds wont grow. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Tania


    Hi there Charlie!! I would like to know if you do residential consultations for landscaping? thank you :))

    Deco Driveway 

    Charlie, Love your work by the way!!! My question is around deco driveway, im doing a 40m x 3.5m monster 100mm deep as you suggested, with roadbase 50/50 split with deco finish. Do I need to add weed mate? How do I stop the weeds from coming up? Cheers.

    Hanging garden 

    hi I live in Sydney and would love to create a vertical garden but not sure where to start. It will be in full sun, and I am aiming for a modern design (plants) what do you recommend? Oh and low maintanance If possible. Your help is much appreciated


    How often do you water bamboo

    huge birds of paradise plants 

    How do i get rid of these huge plants. My grandmother planted three lots of them in the front garden and they've gotten out of control. We would like to pull them up and plant some other things instead. How do we do this? #firsttimegardenerThanks

    Potting daphne 

    I need to relocate my daphne from the ground to a pot. I gave 2 small to medium. They have extreme sentimental meaning so I'm wondering if there are professionals that I can pay to get assistance with this or maybe it could be a great story for your show

    Garden design and plant choice 

    Hi Charlie. I have a pseudo Queenslander on acerage in Jimboomba Qld. We can be very dry with some frost in winter. I have a rectangular back yard which is approx 400sqm with a trampoline, cubby house and clothes line. There are two beautiful ghost gums on one side of the yard next to the horse paddock. I have no idea how to design the garden and I can't find a garden designer in our area. I love palms, hibiscus, tropical plants and shrubs. Where do I start? What plants should I choose. Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it

    Front hedge 

    Hi Charlie, I'm wanting to level the my front yards slope and plant a hedge for privacy from the road. I don't want a really tall one as I still want 'kerb appeal' and I don't to wait 20 years before it's formed. What type of plants do you recommend? I'm in Brisbane Thanks, Monique

Charlie Albone has been designing gardens for 12 years and is an expert on planting and landscaping.

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