Veronica Morgan


How to get a home loan later in life

4 minute read

They say 50 is the new 40. However, when it comes to getting a home loan, 50 is well, 50 and that’s something lenders take into consideration if you’re looking to buy property later in life.

How to win at auction (without blowing your budget)

4 minute read

There's an art to not only winning an auction but making sure it happens within your budget according to property expert Veronica Morgan.

How to survive buying a home with a partner

4 minute read

Buying a home with your beloved can be a real challenge but with a bit of compromise, it is possible to nab a property with your relationship still intact.

How to get started in property investment

4 minute read

So you want to buy an investment property? Leading property expert Veronica Morgan shares her expert advice.

How to Prepare To Buy at Auction

1 minute read

Auctions can be a scary thing for some buyers but if you do your homework, they can work in your favour. Learn how to prepare for auctions with these top tips!

How to Set a Realistic Budget

2 minute read

It's important that you get a very good, sound understanding of what your money is going to buy you early in the property search.

Considerations When Make a Seachange

2 minute read

If you’re planning a big sea or tree change, its really important that you consider a few things first!

How To Compromise with Your Partner

2 minute read

The very first thing you need to do if your going be buying property with your other half is to recognize that there will be differences even if it seems like you agree on everything.

How To Beat The Property Pack.

2 minute read

Gary and Anna were trying to buy a property in a very competitive market. Veronica Morgan teaches us how to beat the pack!

How to Be Flexible with Your Budget

2 minute read

Learn how to be flexible with these top property tips from Veronica Morgan.