Shannon Fricke


Choosing Colours For The Home

2 minute read

Choosing paint colours for a room or a house can be a tricky business - there is more to it than what we think. Here are some tips on how to choose colours for the home.

Colour Without Paint

2 minute read

Quirky, easy ways to get creative without a paintbrush.

Paint Job Tips

2 minute read

Our resident stylist Shannon Fricke shows just what a difference a lick of paint can make to a room.

River Pebbles

2 minute read

Take inspiration from the great outdoors and use pebbles and river stones to bring a relaxed feel to your home.

Inspirational Home - Communal Living

1 minute read

Joining together as a group with a common goal has enabled ten families to buy the home of their dreams.

Insider’s Guide to Lighting

2 minute read

We visit an expert lighting consultant for some insider tips on lighting.

Balgowlah Rumpus Room

2 minute read

With minimum effort, our stylist Shannon Fricke brings maximum effect to a rumpus room transformation.

Apartment Renovation

3 minute read

Two sisters face the challenge of renovating their nest egg before putting it on the market.

Design Classics

2 minute read

Shannon Fricke looks at some very stylish and unique furniture designs of the 20th century.

Inspirational Home - Harry Seidler

1 minute read

Australia's most famous contemporary architect, 77-year-old Austrian-born Harry Seidler is well-known for his unique and sometimes controversial building designs.