Phuong Biecker


WIFE: Phuong
AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: Project administrator

ABOUT: The Biecker family are disciplined and old fashioned, routine is very important to them. Phuong and her husband Oliver are very practical people; they are minimalists and hate clutter. Their home is very traditional; Oliver leads the household and disciplines the children.

Phuong made a rule that their home is to have no decorations. They don’t have ‘dirty’ things like a sandpit, pens, paints, Play-doh or a paddling pool - the children can play with those items at childcare but not in their house.

In the Bieker household they live their lives by a strict routine to ensure the house is spotless and their daughters are well behaved. Their kids don’t have friends around to play as Oliver is not keen on other people’s children in their house in case they make a mess.

The Bieckers would never leave dirty dishes in the sink, if any spillages occur it is mopped up immediately. Neither of them enjoy cooking, ‘it’s too much effort for not enough pleasure. We certainly enjoy food and love eating but for practical reasons.’

WIFE: Phuong (33) is Vietnamese and enjoys spending time with her family and keeping their home tidy. She thinks of herself as low maintenance and feels she doesn’t have many obsessions other than putting things away.
She likes to look good for Oliver because he rates appearance quite highly, ‘it would be shameful if people thought he or his family were untidy, dirty or messy.’
Oliver is happy to let Phuong go to work, ‘he is glad that I am well educated but doesn’t really think that our girls need to have a university education. Our girls are too beautiful to need any of that. Oliver thinks that women can get by in life on charm alone.’

HUSBAND: Oliver (39) is from Germany and decided to ‘semi-retire’ until the children are more independent. He works part time as a building biologist, he is also a stay at home Dad and does a lot of renovation work on the house.

Oliver was in the German army when he was 19 for 13 months. He loves German cars and DIY in and around the house. His other hobby is target shooting and he has been doing that for seven years at a local shooting range.

CHILDREN: Lillian (4) and Miriam (3) must always be in bed by 7:00pm. Phuong feels they don’t need Barbies or dolls, ‘they are happy with a blanket, a pillow and us.’

PETS: They hate animals because of the smell and the mess.


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