Nicola Barry


WIFE: Nicola
AGE: 35
OCCUPATION: One job at a supermarket and the other as a seamstress

ABOUT: The Barry family hang out together and don’t often socialise with other people. They have 'dance-offs' and sometimes randomly redecorate or re-arrange their bungalow which is filled with clutter inside and out.

The kids have their own likes and dislikes and are encouraged to express themselves however and whenever they want, whether drawing a mural on the wall or redecorating their room, Nicola and her husband Trent let them get on with it. The kids are allowed to be messy, they can jump in muddy puddles and get their clothes dirty. They are encouraged to have fun and to NOT follow the crowd. The family motto is ‘you should not judge a book by its cover.’
The Barrys are very earthy people and are mythological, they love all things fantasy and share their home with fairies and goblins. The kids believe in fairies and mermaids and that unicorns and dragons exist.

‘We are very much ‘whatever, whenever’ people. We are spur of the moment and nothing in our life has been or is ever planned. We are not routine junkies, as we don’t have any real routine. Things get done when they get done and if that means that jobs around the house are half done, we don’t mind.’

WIFE: Nicola (35) runs her house as a shared household where all family members have a say, even the kids! Nicola and Trent consult the kids on household decisions and believe they have a voice, ‘We live a very free and easy life, we live within our means and believe that you don’t need money to be happy. We love to be silly! We have pillow fights with the kids, I am always dancing and singing with them and making jokes.’

HUSBAND: Trent (35) works six days a week as a Yardman. He shares cooking duties and does most of the outdoor maintenance after work and on weekends, they have half-finished projects everywhere. Trent is a reasonable man and he will listen if there is a problem, you can talk to Trent about anything and can resolve things if there are any issues.

CHILDREN: Ruby (11) and Griffin (7). The kids can do whatever they want within reason! Nicola and Trent say ‘I love you’ to them at least 10 times a day.
PETS: Two dogs, they get washed when they are smelly or dirty and they wash them in the shower with a member of the family!


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