Michelle Harding


WIFE: Michelle
AGE: 36
OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mum and white witch

ABOUT: Husband John is the breadwinner who works full-time and Michelle is a stay-at-home mum and what you would call a ‘White Witch’, casting spells to help people. Although John isn’t expected to lift a finger when it comes to the housework, they are a united front when it comes to the parenting, ‘we are the adults and we are in charge.’

Michelle is a clean freak. She loves cleaning and has very high standards this includes scrubbing the toilet four times a day. She is very house proud and very particular about things, everything has its place. Every ornament is strategically positioned and she gets upset if they are moved from their spot.

The children all do their share to help out around the house, having the kids do their daily chores is all about them learning responsibility. The kids are punished if they don’t comply with Michelle’s strict rules. If they don’t do their jobs, they don’t get their pocket money. Michelle and John both have a strong work ethic and hate laziness. They encourage their children to get an education, work hard and become well-rounded, independent adults.

Cleaning is a daily ritual in the Harding family. The bathroom is cleaned first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, the floors are vacuumed and mopped twice daily and the toilets are cleaned at least three times a day.

Every night they all eat dinner at the dining table and there are no exceptions, ‘it’s important to spend this time together so we can all share stories about our days.’

WIFE: Michelle (36) is a very spiritual person. As well as being a Buddhist, she has been practicing witchcraft for 16 years and uses it for good, rather than evil, ‘I cleanse spaces and I do tarot readings. I also talk to dead people. It’s definitely a gift but I’d never use it to make money, only ever to help people.’

Michelle’s days are hectic as a stay-at-home mum but her family means the world to her so she’s happy to do it, ‘I love cleaning so I wouldn’t want him to take that pleasure away from me!’

As well as the housework, Michelle is also the manager of her son’s rock band. As the band manager she lines up gigs and looks after the financial side of things.

HUSBAND: John (34) works as a Structural Inspector in the mining industry, carrying out safety inspections on machinery. He works long hours but still manages to be very involved with the lives of his children and is a great father. He has always been very ‘hands on’ with the children, even when he was working full time he would help out when they were babies.

CHILDREN: Bryton (15) is a typical teenage boy and loves music and Phoebe (11) is the ‘perfect’ daughter, helping Michelle around the house and is an ‘A’ grade student. Drew (9) is the ‘sunshine’ of the family.


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